Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Finally Realised I'm Not Blogging As Much....

I've not blogged for 2 months.  Wow.

Never before, eh?  I'm also taken aback by the absence.

Things are very different now, things have changed.  I'm dealing with my medical conditions and also the business.  And my life and myself.

** My medical conditions are better now, thank you very much, I'm only dealing with the flare ups.  For those in the know, my kneecaps let way too.  They're also on the bend now.  Slowly but surely.

I always hope I can stop learning.  By that, I mean I no longer make mistakes, will know 1 thing fully, in-and-out.  But I was so so wrong.

Learning never ends, and will never good enough at 1 thing.

It's such a humbling awakening and a little disappointing too.  Because it means I'll never be "good". 
I can only "better".

And I will continue to make mistakes.  Haiz.

But such is Life, and I'm with everyone, as with everyone is with me, albeit on different level and degree of issues and mistakes.

We can only go on.

I'm not sure if I'll be blogging again 'cos I'm more active on Facebook these days and sometimes on Plurk.  And my business is still taking a lot of time from me, and my medical conditions.  I now try to rest whenever I can.  And if I've really the time, I read 南怀瑾's books as much as I can.

I wish all of you who still drop by to see if I've new stuff here, happy, healthy and wise.  With these 3, you can accomplish stuff in the world.  I'm still working onto achieving these 3.

Keep learning.  Keep moving.

God bless.



My Sinfonia said...

Best wishes for a full recovery v v soon!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

thanks! hope I can visit u + Miss Mao + the animals soon too! but alone this time. hahahahaha....

can blog some updates of the animals? I miss their stories. :D

Celine said...

Glad that you are better medically!

Life is a journey... The end point is on the death bed... 活到老,学到老

(If I remember my chinese phrase correctly!)

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

yup! :D