Saturday, May 18, 2013

Battling Sciatica ala 坐骨神经痛 And More Than Half The Battle Won

So I don't know if I'll jinx the recovery by blogging it now.  Lol

Yes, I've sciatica or 坐骨神经痛, without knowing what it was for a few months.  I just called it Butt Pain.  The journey was horrible, I can't sit down without a support nearby to lower myself into the seat carefully.  And neither can I get up the seat without lifting myself up carefully too.

No matter how I sit, there's pain. 
Or pain + numbness tingling down the leg. 
Sometimes the pain and/or numbness radiates up to the back, near the spine.

I only felt some respite sleeping on my front at night, and my feet would always be cold anytime.

By the grace of JL, I was (almost pulled) to a miraculous Chinese osteopath in Chinatown (Chin Swee area) and we waited till 2am for our turns.

2.  Am.

Where the Chinese local channels were showing local drama serials from 10-15 years ago, where all the characters wore a fashion style that we can only giggle now.

But the sinseh was awesome.  The treatment was painful, very painful that I yeowed + yelped like an animal.  That he stopped halfway telling me not to wake up his upstair nighbours + bring the police in.

JL + her uncle + her mom can testify.  They all heard me.

He pinpointed all the issues I had (and still have, albeit at a much smaller scale now) without me informing him at all.

Shoulder ache.
Poor sleep.
Bad posture.
Tight fingers + joints.
Cold feet in day or night.
Increased core temperature.
Itchy skin without rashes = feels like ants crawling.
Poor memory.
Slower walking speed.
Legs are heavy to carry around.

But I can't afford the long waiting time to see him.  The next session I went alone, the wait was 8 hours.  The wait is nearly impossible for someone who is working hard now.

Then, the receptionist at my Royal Doctor's recommended me to pay their massage therapist a visit.  "She has many patients going for her too, you know."

And so I went.

I was yelping away with her too, but not at the scale like with the Chinatown osteopath.  Then she did baguan (cupping) on me where she was exclaiming how much dampness I've in my body with my relative young age.

Dampness.  湿气。
So, I've rheumatism.

Then I went to buy some OTC TCM capsules for sciatica, goggle (actually I Baidu-ed) for more TCM info on rheumatism in Mandarin.

Yes, I've rheumatism and quite serious at it too.  The Baidu webpage listed all the symptoms and the scale of it at every symptom.  I've displayed almost all of them, except for crippled enough to be wheelchair bound and a stroke.

And then I looked into the causes and pinpointed those lifestyle routine + diet habits that I've had for months, if not years.

Lowered immunity in the kidneys + liver.
Poor eating habits (I didn't eat enough, or skipped meals when I'm too tired from work).
Lack of exercise (sweating purges dampness out + working out improves blood flow + Qi flow).
Stress of any kind.
Poor digestive system (my gastric has always been weak since about 10 years ago working in retail).
Past injuries from falls + knocks (oh yeah, this....).
Indulging in purine rich food.
Indulging in fridge cold food.
Indulging in food cooling by nature.

The osteopath had specifically told me to abstain the following before I got 100% well:

Every kind of nut in the world
Every sort of bean in the world
Citrus fruits
Fridge cold food + drinks
Beer and whiskey ("They're cooling." "Whiskey is cooling??" "YA LAH!!")
Kangkong, sprouts, beancurd, soy drinks etc

Which I did piously, and changed my eating habits (= never go stark hungry) and started to do abit more walking as exercise.

**  The latest exercise regimen I've decided for myself is signing up for Night Safari membership = go walk in the trails after work since it's near where I stay in Bukit Panjang.  Instead of gym, in aircon-ed space.  Not good lah, hor?

After starting the OCT TCM capsules for 2 weeks, I find my condition getting better by leaps and bound.  For the very 1st time in months, I don't need to sit down + get up with support and S L O W L Y.  Sudden/fast movements cause pain too.  Haiz.

Then I felt that the medication isn't working as well after 3rd week.  The condition has been controlled but only by 50%.

1 fine night, as I was mooching around in my room, the words "北京同仁堂大活络丹" struck my mind.  I don't know how it came but it just did.  And I questioned if I really should try this rheumatism medication 'cos it's really strong stuff in my knowledge, it's also for the old and really ill.

This is also 1 of the important medications for those who suffered a stroke.

But those words kept sticking in my mind, and I told myself, "Oh fine, very well.  I'll go buy some."  And I did.

It wasn't very pleasant to eat (large pill, you gotta chew it before ingesting) even when it's slightly sweet, but the effect was tremendous.  I felt another 20% better, making my whole medical issue better up to 80% for the 1st time in 1 year!

Work in 2nd Biz is heavy + stressful as business is good = I can't afford to go on extended leave to recuperate.  With the new Human Trafficker in, I've to monitor his delivery = extra work.

So, stress, there's no way to avoid now.

But the rest, I've done my best for it and I've no pain in good days, only slight + very bearable ones in bad ones.  I'm still abstaining the list of food recommended by the osteopath.

** Have donated my jar of peanut butter to the public in the pantry of my serviced office.

The massage therapist also taught me how to straighten my back, sit up and walk the right way = butt out, so the blood + Qi flow well.

I'm still continuing 北京同仁堂大活络丹 as my supplement once every 3 days.  At my peak, I have 2 pills a day = 1 in the day, 1 at night.

Everything has stayed at 80% recovered with the right medication, eating habits and exercise.  I can't ask for more.

The rest, can only come when 2nd Biz stabilised (in good revenue + headcount), for my 1-2 months leave.

With the above, I hope anyone with sciatica will have some reference on how to deal with it the natural way without surgery + heavy Western medication painkillers.



Vivian said...

u need to get better and come to NZ and Melby and visit me!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

u have houses in NZ too?

I want a holiday! I WANT. but not yet. yet. :(

Anonymous said...

I would recommend you see a Physicial Therapist (PT)
especially one trained in Kineso taping! IT works wonders!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

thanks! :)))