Friday, March 1, 2013

This Is A Story Of A Miracle

He is my client.
We've not talked, meet up, Whatsapp, Facebook chat etc for 2 years.
Our relationship is cordial, but we didn't talk alot of stuff.
The day before, he called me up suddenly.
Said he needs to see me urgently.
To tell me some stuff + pass me something.
We met yesterday.
He went for a pilgrimage to a Tibetan Master's ceremony in Taiwan recently.
He then knew that I've been under this Master for a few years.
He said he's giving me a pack of rice.
It has been blessed by the Tibetan Master in that Taiwan ceremony.
He said, he just felt that I need it.
And he just felt that I'd know the Tibetan Master.
He said, whenever I need it, I can cook a few grains to eat.
We chatted for 3 hours, then we parted ways.


Rewind the time back to 2 months ago.
I was at my trusty foot reflexologist.
My chronic backpain (which I call ass-pain) was acting up worse this time.
He detected a lump deep in my butt + said that it needed time to heal.
But if I didn't heal after 4 sessions with him, I need to see a specialist.
Things were better but it didn't heal.
I didn't go to see any specialist.
I wanted to wait till my businesses to settle down, then get it looked after.
The pain came back.
So I've been enduring but manageable.


Fast forward back to today.
I cooked a few grains of the blessed rice to eat.
Then I went out for a walk in Taka.
As I sat in the bus, my back starts to pain.
As I massage it, a lump came up.
It was so painful when I massage it, I felt weak in my body.
As I massage, it became bigger.
I had a very difficult (but delicious) ramen meal in Taka.
I went to the Japanese pharmacy in the basement of Taka for some solution.
(I'd knew by then, the blessed rice helped drove the otherwise deep down lump up)
I came across some 艾叶 on metal dics plaster to be burnt on, to improve circulation.
I bought some.
And some round Phiten plaster for circulation too.
I know this is the chance of a lifetime to get it terminated.
I went home.
I got mom to help burn the 艾叶 on metal dics plaster on my butt twice.
I found a bottle 活络丸 lying around in kitchen.
Mom bought it sometime ago + got uninterested.
I popped some in to help the circulation going.
This is the traditional way old TCM doctors do for circulation issues.
Meaning, topical acupuncture/massage (i.e 推拿) 1st, then some 活络 medicine to speed things up internally.
I am very very very lucky.


That Tibetan Master is 莲生活佛。

Ah Mi Toh Hood.  :)

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