Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Letter To My 1st Business Development Manager

The email I sent to our 1st Business Development Manager.


Welcome to our small family. This email is a prelude to what will be coming, and to bring you into our industry and the NSG direction.

Who we are

NSG is an executive search firm, people may think we are recruiters, but in fact, we are not. Recruitment firms deals with mass recruitment.

Think job advertising in all the media, digging through database of existing candidates so it can be churned to other clients....we don't really do that, though we do have advertisements in JobsDB, but they don't work 90% of the time.

An executive search firm is quite like what others call, the headhunting firm, we headhunt people through our network of people (asking for referrals) and trawling the LinkedIn, approaching potential candidates for a chat to qualify them on behalf of our clients, and if they do, we invite them to send in their CV to us. And the rest is clockwork.

To be a good Business Development Manager, you need to know the differences of the terms ("recruiters", "recruitment firm", "headhunters", "executive search", "search consultant"). Between these terms, there lies little differences, subtle even, but you will get the gist very easily. Sometimes, to help others understand us easier, you can say that we are recruiters. But to some people, you need to inform them that we are headhunters, so they'd take us seriously.

To know how to navigate yourself among people, is a skill to be keenly acquired through time, experience, trials & errors, hits & misses. I learn all these myself in the same way too, so don't be afraid of mistakes.

Everyone needs mistakes to grow and be better.

Your role

As a Business Development Manager, you are selling an idea, a pitch, a story about us NSG. Depending on how you tell the story, people will see you (and subsequently NSG) in different light.

So you need to buy the NSG ideology thoroughly before you can successfully sell to others.

Why use NSG

We are a pure headhunting firm, at the price of a recruiter rate. We take only the first month pay of the executive as our fee, nett.

  ** Usual headhunting fees range between 20% - 30% of the annual pay = $X,000 x 12 months x the percentage.

And we are proud of our relationship with our clients. We strive to understand their business, culture, system to search for the right candidate to fit in. Our Principal Consultant is a friend to all of our clients, we understand and make way for each other so we all win at the end of the day.

Our clients are not just money in the eyes of NSG, they are also our friends.  We want our friends to be happy, so we help them where we can.

We are so proud of our service quality that they are free to blacklist us forever, if we send irrelevant CVs to their email. If we can't deliver any case the client hands us, we will be honest to be upfront to them so we don't leave them out in the cold.

This is where we are serious in our work.

We charge such a low fee 'cos we know how competitive the industry is, so to make sure we have room in this industry, we are willing to earn less for their trust, faith and long-term business.

When you sell NSG to prospective clients, be the NSG spirit, so they feel where you are coming from, be influenced by you and trust you enough to sign the contract.

Even if they don't sign the contract, it is ok, the day doesn't end here, it may come in future. But be it come or not, maintain the friendship. This is an industry where friendship is paramount to our bottomline, you wouldn't know who would refer a candidate or business over.

The truth

The above sounds like a motivational book, it sounds like some kinda fairy tale in this modern times.

But what is the truth, as part of us in NSG?

Everything I said up there is the truth.

People would think that being a salesperson would need to make alot of lies. That is because the company's product/service is made of lies. With NSG, we mean what we say, and if there's any doubt from our client or candidate, we want to clear it in the first second.

If there is a prospective client that is made of lies or having a poor working culture to their employees, walk away from the business.

We don't want this business.

We are a small company, we don't need to feed alot of mouths, and there are so many other prospective clients in Singapore, we can afford to lose bad clients.

With what little I put here, I hope I instill the NSG spirit in you, that you trust you are in good hands to learn the ropes of this industry, to lift your head high among the competitors and most importantly, be absolutely proud of what you do.

Talk to you again when we meet. :)

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