Friday, February 1, 2013

Singapore Will Sink 1 Day, By The Very People It Breeds

There was once, I heard this from a fellow Taiwanese classmate in a self-awareness course in Taiwan.

"It's because that we've a bad government, we know that we can't depend on them, that we are strong in our ways, in our lives."

At that point in time, I was a very young kid, maybe 24 or 25 years old?  I listened and tried to understand.  In Taiwan, you can't drink water from the tap, it has to be filtered.

There're potholes on the road.
There're triads.
There're street lamps that don't work.
Some of the less touristy streets smelled.
The alleys are dark and smelled.

So I think they are right.

In one of Nan Huai Jin's books I read, a Qing Dynasty (Qian Long era) high-ranking minister said Qing Dynasty is going to fail for the following reasons.

There isn't anything worthy for the people to revolt.
There isn't a good Prime Minister.
There isn't a good general.
There isn't anything worthy for the people to celebrate.
There isn't even a worthy bandit to create chaos.
There isn't a worthy foreign country to invade the Qing Dynasty.

And about another 150 years later, the Qing Dynasty crumbled.  Historian pointed that the rot started in Qian Long era.

Singapore isn't Taiwan, nor the Qing Dynasty.  Singapore is facing a new set of issues of it's own = her people.

We Singaporeans are so complacent and lazy that most of us have become prodigal sons, stretching our hands to our dad (government) for handouts.  For almost everything of our lives, we want our government to put in money for us.

For our birthrate decline, it comes from mostly 1 thing = we are so blind at giving "the best" to our kids, that we quickly run out of money to provide for "the best", so we're not going to have kids.  Because it's "too expensive".

Who needs to deliver a baby in the private hospital?
And the most expensive room for it?
Who needs the most expensive doctor to deliver the baby?
Why should a baby wear new + expensive clothes?
Why do they need expensive educational toys?
**  If baby is smart, he/she is smart, if not, a brain transplant is needed.  Come on.
Why do the baby/kids need vacations overseas?
Why do kids need to dine in restaurants?
Why do they need $40 a piece milk bottle?
Why do they need Bumbo seats?
**  If Mother Nature dictates that one shouldn't sit up at that age, don't try to outsprint Her.  Please.
Why do babies need expensive prams?

All these are to satisfy the vain pot, materialistic in us.  Nothing more.

If you are rich, earning SGD$30K (today's money) and only 1-2 kids, fine, go ahead and stimulate the economy.  If not, why don't you save all these whim and fancy money for their future education?

Why spend like a rich when you aren't?  Do the kids really want what they want?  Even so, you can say, "No, I'm not rich enough for it.  You go find the money yourself."  And then, instruct every member in the clan to ignore them.

If your sibling (= uncle/aunt) or parents (gramps) or in-laws can't hold back to spoil them, this is your issue.  You should start a family drama to stop it.

Why do we have such childish citizens of such childish thoughts at child-rearing?  Because S'pore has it too good for the last 45 years, that we all have very skewed attitudes towards Life and the world in general.

Is it the fault of LKY for making the country too good?  How do we blame him?  Or rather, how should we blame anyone for good governance?

I travel alone overseas, I read abit in my spare time online.  My sister lives in Europe for 7 years?

None of the countries we have been to is comparable to Singapore, in the basics, in so many ways at so many level.

The only issue that we can't overcome is our land size.  No matter how much reclamation, we can't produce the mountains like in Taiwan.  We can't make a Yangtze River.  We can't make a Niagara Falls.

These little bits of Mother Nature is important to ground ourselves from the noise in the city, from work stress.  From family from it all.

But we don't have these and would never have.  See?  Life isn't perfect.  No place on this Earth is perfect.

I've been reading very dangerous thoughts from the people around these days, to vote for any random unworthy oppositions into the Parliament, just to piss PAP off.  To "get what we deserve back" come 2016.

Would you marry anyone, just because?
Would you go to bed with just anyone?
Would you allow your kid to marry anyone, just because?
Would you allow your kid to be a cleaner when he/she has a good Uni degree?
Would you eat mouldy rice if you can afford not to?

Then why even think of such childish and dangerous thoughts?

The worst would be, that the government make short-sighted policies just to win silly hearts (read: votes), then we are going to sink faster.  Though I would admit that visionary policies are mostly only clear on hindsight = how are we to know what and which are visionary?

But to vote for any random opposition party into the Parliament?  Seriously?

Look at them, aside Worker's Party, look at them.  Would you hire them into your company?  Would you trust them to be your banker?  Would you put money into their hands to invest?  Would you allow your daughter to marry these clowns?  Do you want them as your sons? 

Do you trust them?  No, right?  There we go.

If anyone is seriously passionate about their country, then go into politics.  Not doing childish things that would send the country into peril.

This is a clear and present sign that Singapore is going to sink, because alot of our people (or maybe not alot enough) are losing their nuts on what is important.  But this group of people is growing, they may dictate the future direction that we are heading.

Our government isn't perfect.  No government in the world is perfect.  We are living on Earth, and anything on Earth isn't perfect.

Please find a perfect human being to smash the point.

We hope that they learn the lessons of the mis-steps and change for the better.  We should shout and yell at them for stupid policies, and they should fix the troubles.

But we shouldn't get a monkey into a bus full of passengers and expect it to drive us safely to the stops.

Look at those opposition clowns, how are they going to face the diplomats?  What experience do they have in the government bodies?  Or even in the big corporates?

Politics is ugly and dark, every country has it.  There may be credible opposition party candidates but shoot down by PAP in 1 way or another.  Maybe.

But if you are truly passionate enough for the country to think and feel that we're heading into the ruins, band together.  Work together.  Stick with the best minds (whatever that means, though) and strategise carefully on how you want to steer the country forward.

The opposition parties are not passionate about the country, they have an agenda of their own.  Look at how fragmented they are.

We are a small country of few people, we do not have enough critical mass to produce enough true talents for most industries.  Let alone politics.

Every intelligent and visionary mind would agree and understand it, that unity is strength + even more elemental to get anything done.  If you really want anything done.

No man is an island, and no country is borne by 1.

Singapore is borne not by LKY, it is him and his team.
Apple isn't borne by Steve Jobs, it is him and his adoring team.
Microsoft too.
Shell too.

Any big business in the world is the same.

Yes, Singapore are going to sink, not because of poor governance (not any clear sign that I can see now), but by the complacent and greedy people that it breeds.


Me.  I'm a business person, who have no ambition to change the world or my country.  But I'm not childish enough to do the wrong things to the very place that breeds me.

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