Friday, February 8, 2013

5 Months Of 2nd Biz + The Importance Of Vitality

How time flies.  5 months into 2nd Biz.

I'm now in my office to while the time away.  I'm officially off work 'cos my clients are now out (most on half day), and the Money Plants most definitely the same.

We are now in the talks to open up 3rd Biz and a 4th Biz.  3rd Biz is handled by Boy, while 4th Biz is a collaboration between Boy + I.  And it seems like 4th Biz is running faster than 3rd Biz.

Yesterday, Boy's contact told him to get the contract ready to sign, just with an asking if he wants our services.  Boy + I were taken aback, and asked for a meet + greet 1st before signing anything.  We think it's only proper to do so.

For 2nd Biz my side, we're now onto the stage of a testing by a big prospect = if we pass, we're signed.  So I'm working in the whole of CNY week, hopefully there're results.

Things come in faster than we thought, and doors open that we've never thought of.  It's a good sign and we hope more good tidings to come = close all of these deals, 2nd Biz - 4th Biz.

And then, there is a report on my vitality these days.

I'm having sinus again after the chicken pox 2 years ago + my overall feeling of vitality hasn't really recovered since.  Even after having seen my Royal Doc for a few times + her medication are really good, but they don't last beyond the medication period. 

I thought it's a normal thing to be and let it be.

It wasn't till I went to another TCM doctor's for a boost to my overall health, that I know of my very poor kidney + spleen-gastric functions.  Her medication helped little too and I felt like giving up on getting my health back to the optimal.

Till my knees (right one, actually) got more creaky + feelings of weakness  and pain recently that I sat up.  'Cos I went for acupuncture with Royal Doc for an old issue and asked about my knees.  Her reply, "Odd.  You're young + not supposed to have this issue.  Just get some glucosamine."

And so, I trawled iHerb.

Eventually, I decided on shark cartilage + Vitamin C + premium salmon oil.  As I feel worse in that time, I got the DHL Express freight so it's home in 4 days.

It arrived the evening I got back from KL with Bee.

And on the 1st day of loading, I didn't sneeze nor blow my nose in the next morning.  I cannot believe it myself.

It is miraculous.  1st time in 2 years.

And then I find myself less tired in the day, sleep better at night, better appetite and more tolerable to noise (Fry house with Fry folks) and stress.  I find myself more calm after this new supplement regime.  But I still want to nap as often as I can.  This shouldn't happen to a 35 years old person = me.

I used to have supplements, but stopped when my health picked up, before the chicken pox.  I bought very expensive top grade Korean ginseng for my chicken pox-sinus condition and it helped little.

Right now, if I'm naughty to take any cold drinks (even a bottle of Yakult) or fridge-cold fruits, I'd sneeze in the next morning before my nose drips for a while.  If I take more cooked veggie = I'd have to blow my nose (no sneeze) in the next morning.

My body constitution is really weak now = what the Hokkien elders call, "Luum."

But why shark cartilage?

I chose it because I want a more wholesome supplement than a refined component = glucosamine.  And since it's kinda bone = gives calcium = extra nutrient.  I don't believe that shark don't get cancer, I only want it for my knees.

But why do the cheap + humble shark cartilage works when expensive Korean ginseng and other TCM herbal medication don't?

With my limited TCM knowledge, knees issues are related to the kidney function, and if glucosamine (shark cartilage) helps the knees = it's helping the kidneys, yes?  So the very targeted supplement for knees surely means it's focusing on the kidneys.

Maybe that's why my sinus got better by 90% overnight, and lasting.

But my health hasn't go back to it's optimal 'cos I'm really really busy.  I've not been so busy with work in my life so far, so I assume this stress is eating into all the nutrients of the food I eat normally.  Pun kinda intended.  Hahaha.

So I concluded, anyone with a very busy + stressful life, must take some supplements according to their body constitution.  Especially if sleeping late + drinks alcohol + irregular meals + eats little + smokes = needs more than the average people.

There's no way of replacing the leeched nutrients from meals.  Impossible.

'Cos we're losing it far more + faster than replacing them, how is it possible that we can put back all that we've exhausted with big meals?

I'm historically a big eater, my appetite has gone down by about half these days and I didn't know it's anything wrong.  I thought I'm getting to middle age = not as ferocious an eater as before.

I'm wrong, very wrong.

It's only supplementing my diet with shark cartilage + Vit C + premium salmon oil do my appetite got back by 30%.  I'm still a long way off to the old me.

My body is really very weak.

I think my body has been exhibiting chronic fatigue syndrome without knowing, and it didn't go full blown 'cos I've been giving my body Chinese herbal soups 1-2 times a month.  But they are not the answer to the real root issue.

My health hasn't recover with the 3 supplements and I don't know when, but it has definitely informed me alot of my health.  I think I'm on the way to full recovery.

Just, I don't know when.

Eventhough my appetite has come back by 30%, I still don't feel like eating sometime, preferring to sleep.  But I've forced myself to eat, to drink more soups etc.  And everytime after forcing myself to eat more, I felt more refreshed + energetic.

My health is really luum now.

And I can't go slower with my work + businesses 'cos speed is very important in my lines of work.

It's only when everything has gain good footing that I can really rest.

Wish me luck.  =)


Anonymous said...

Go and exercise. :P Btw, it has been proven that there are many kinds of cancer in sharks...


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

oh yeah, i will. but lemme get my knees better. i tried some simple ones at home, u know, the sort u do last time? my knees hurt. =.=

like ah ma like tat. lol.

sharks have cancer? there we go. lol.

Celine said...

Hi Ah Fry,
My mom and mil both have problems with their knees too... Pls share which iherb shark cartilage is working for you, saves me trawling through iherb as the ones I have found are just shark cartilage without the salmon oil and Vit C. Thanks much!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

i am taking the following for my knees + health now, all separate, they're not combined. :)

shark cartilage = Now Food, or also known as Now
Vit C = Nature's Way Alive, 100% Whole Food Complex Vitamin C
Premium salmon oil = New Chapter Wholemega


Celine said...

thanks Fry! ah... i blur, i thought they were all combined into one. iherb.... here i come.......

*click click*

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, I understand that you are a recruiter and would be most grateful if I could have your opinions on some sort of mess that I have gotten myself into. In a nutshell, I'm a serial job-hopper with most of my previous jobs lasting one year or thereabots. I quitted my last job a couple of months back without an offer on hand. Now I find that I am having difficulty getting called for interviews, and in the rare occasion that I do, I do progress well until the last stage (usually 2nd or 3rd round) where I'm kicked out.

I do understand that it's entirely my own fault that things have come to this pass. And I swear that I will have tough it out in my next job and never to call it quits in a fit again. I find that for the interviews that I get called to, I can't seem to convince the interviewer that I will stay with their company. The directors/ managers-level will usually buy my story but the I get booted out the moment I reach the VPs.

I'm at my wits end now. Can you please help? What do you think I can do/ say to get the more senior executives to give me another chance at a job? Btw, I'm nearing 35 this year. Thanks in advance for your help (it's alright too if you don't feel comfortable answering to this. I completely understand).

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

tell them, tat u don't want a salary for 3 months just to work with them. tat they don't need to sign the appointment letter with u for the 3 months.

u just want to work for them.

and if they find u not good in the meantime, feel free to fire u anytime.

otherwise, work for local SMEs, get the portfolio then climb up again.

as u said, u created tis mess, so u need to use extreme methods to be on track again.

good luck.