Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Interrupt This Space For A Short News Flash....

There may be some meditation practitioners, or non-practitioner ( = the average human beings) who would encounter odd stuff when you felt disturbed internally.

This disturbance may not have known roots = don't know what triggered it, because you're not trained in deep self-consciousness.

**  Deep self-consciousness is a true-blue 修行者 path, it's to uncover the full side of us (the dark + bright sides), and start on dealing, managing ourselves to the road of recovery and a new self.

These internal disturbances may cause electronic + electrical devices and signals to break down temporarily.  It's caused by our energy field.  Some people just have a stronger energy field than others.

There's nothing to be proud or scared over.

It's just that some of us are able to unlease it without training, most of the others can't unlease it without.

When such things happen, have someone to deal with the situation (the electric and/or electronic devices failure), and you leave the spot for a walk in the park or Botanic Gardens.  The best place for many large trees.

This is to "ground" your energy field + calm down.  You should breath in thru your nose + breath out thru the mouth in equal time length, in as much as you can.  If you can do it in your usual normal breathings, it would be best.

It'd be best to to find a good Teacher to guide you on dealing with yourself.

Wish you luck.

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