Friday, January 11, 2013

Grow Up, Singapore Parents

There have been so many debate on our local education, of how difficult it is for the kids these days.  And the most laughable, how what they're learning now don't apply to Life in general.


Come on, people.  I was in the education of the 80s - 90s, the so-called golden era of local education, and let me tell you, my school work scared the lights out of me too.

After PSLE, I'm suddenly thrown to a new kind of Maths that's more alien than Algebra, and many other stuff.  But let me ask you, and you ask yourself truthfully - You, born + educated maybe in my era or earlier, the so-called golden era, are you using those that you studied in Life now?

Do you use Algebra now?  No. 
A Maths?  No. 
F Maths?  No.
I learnt Geography for O Levels.  Am I using it in my life + work now?  No.
And for all the language police, we learnt perfect English in the 80s-90s. Do we type perfect English in our emails now? Of course not.

Only those that you learn in the Universities would or might, lead you to your career.

Being in school only makes sure that you're literate and your brains are functioning the right way.  That you won't name red as green.

The rest of the education about Life + Society comes from the family, neighbourhood and the most dangerous place, Work.  Lol.

Give education to your kids, but don't make them ace in it.  'Cos there's no need to.

And try not to let them end up in the ITE, I'm not discriminating ITE, but it's a name most would have difficulty living up.  Spare them the exam + academic name stress.

Life judges us in many ways out of the grade sheet and badges of honor.

And kids are more hardy than you think.  As long as you (parents) don't panic, they won't panic too. They're mirrors of you = if you fail as an adult, they're sure to fail wholesale or in some ways.

Have you seen very cool + level-headed parents?  What do they do when their kids fall down + ended up with scraps?  They don't rush over.  They don't seek out the boo-boos like ninjas..

And the kids don't bawl.  They make a face, say that it hurts, maybe some tears will roll, but they don't panic or bawl.

On the opposite realm, parents who show the heartache faces + rushes to their little kids when they fall down = kids will cry for 3 hours and will only stop with a new toy or candy as ransom.

Give toys or candies as rewards, not as ransom.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, kids are more hardy than we think.  They're also far more intelligent than we assume too.  They're perfect mind-players and blackmailers.

If you allow them to.

So S'pore parents, suck it up.  You're at least educated for your kids to help them in their work.

In our days, our help comes from classmates, elder siblings (but in mine = younger ones), teachers or tuition teachers.  How many of our folks are so educated to know Algebra one lah?

Come on.  Start growing up.



Anonymous said...

Algebra are fundamentals for engineering and also for banking. Nowadays, banks hire mathematicians...probablilty and statistical skills (which uses algebra) are highly valued :P.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

of course, those are Uni algebra, not primary or sec schools lah. i said liao, Uni stuff would or might lead you to your career, not pri or sec schools one lah.

wanna con me har? BISH BISH BISH!!

Anonymous said...

But you cannot learn Uni algebra without secondary school algebra. Must learn to crawl, then walk...


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

tats y i say, no need to ace your grades. tah dah! hahahahahahaha....