Monday, December 24, 2012

The Year 2012

This is the 3rd year of the Fry Household new house. 

Everything is still rather new, except the kitchen tap had 2 replacements, the guest toilet bowl flush button had tuned wonky, and the basin tap is dying too.  The neighbourhood is getting familiar but not the familiarity like one has lived for 30 years.

As with my previous yearly entries, I do a look-back of the year at the end of it all to see where I've been to.

Running 2nd Business

With my cousin (Boy) and things are looking quite ok, if not good.  I'm more cautious by nature, so I don't want to jinx things now.

The Associate Director has been fired by me 'cos he has no activity for 2.5 weeks + wanted to bluff his way through.  I'm thinking he's looking at us with another view (we being at least 30 years old younger) = tried to smoke us.

So I fire him before anymore trick can be conjured.

Nevertheless, expansion work is still in the books, we're looking to hire good hands in about 2nd - 3rd Quarter of 2013.  That is if, we can get the right person.  We're sticking to the "no expansion if no good person is found" ideology.  Not smart, but we want to reduce as much work grief as we can afford to.

And yes, we may hit another one like Associate Director, so we can only do the best our wisdom then serve us.

My running alone is good to earn enough dough for me + Boy, but if we want better dough, we need extra help.  But good people of our industry is very very hard to find and keep, and our current size is sesame small = even less people want to consider moving over for us.

So I'm considering upping the ante, dangle a bigger juicer carrot for the right candidate.  Yes, 40% commission, along with the benefits promised.

We can only pray + see how it goes.

Bee + Fry

We just passed our 1st year mark, and despite all the planning, there wasn't a celebration.  I'd forgotten what happened, maybe Bee would remember.

With the small hiccups we've been through, we're still happy with each other.  And I've a feeling that we have known each other abit more too.  We've learnt to roll our eyes at each other's antics + wait for it to pass.

I'm starting to think, having similar tastes + lifestyle preference = impertinent to a lasting relationship.  Sure that we have grouses about each other's "pattern", but as long as the bigger picture + bottom line isn't touched, things are ok.

We are very boring people, and happy to be so.  We've not taken a photo together yet, and we don't think it's a big deal.  We like to watch TV + have dinner + the occasional day-out together.  And soon, I hope we can take a long vacation together.

I'd only want to take a vacation when my 2nd Business + Bee's family business stabilise more.

I've also realised that all of our strengths = our very weaknesses, and vice versa.

Quite like Life, ain't it?

No matter, we've lots to discover about each other, to learn, to grow and to laugh and play together.  I'm glad that Bee is happier to pull little pranks on me these days 'cos I love to play and want to play.  And takes little offence when I laugh at Bee now.

I'm still very childish at heart.

I'm also glad that Bee gives me alot of space still, and mentioned that it's good to own an apartment each + keep a spare room for each other, when (and if) we quarrel.  So we can run off to sulk + pout it out.

I love this idea.  Simply adore it.

I love solitude, love to be left alone to have fun alone (TV watching, out and about wandering or reading), and then recount all that I've met + encountered at the end of the day to Bee. 

This is the best arrangement that I couldn't ask for more.

Sis's Wedding

The 1st Wedding of The Household.  Lots to ask, plan and dramas to handle along the way but I'm glad to report that we're none the worse for wear.

Sis has known Mango Guy for....3 years?  And stayed together for 2.  She's like know him in-and-out = knows what his every expression + body language means.

How enviable.  I hope Bee + I would be able to achieve it come our 3rd year, though I'm thinking it might be abit hard for Bee to fully grasp me.  I'm quite unpredictable in my thoughts = often think differently from most.

Enough of us.

The church wedding + banquet were almost seamlessly planned with almost no glitches.  It was a small but warm affair.  The food was quite nice, the guests arrived in time, their kids were pretty much tamed and benign.

The montage of sis + Mango Guy shown in the banquet was impeccably done + a tearjerker.  Mango Guy's dad teared a few times in the church wedding + the banquet too.  And that montage was done by sis!

She's quite talented in many ways.

3 of sis's friends are the greatest help being involved in a few weddings prior to this one.  Our folks are quite clueless, even more so comes to me + bro.  So we just listened and went along.

Sis + Mango Guy are starting another journey together.  Marriage life is different from dating + co-hibiting stage in some ways, and I wish them all the best in riding out Life's rides, and grow together along the way.

Everyday is a different day, just if we want to accept it.

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