Saturday, December 22, 2012

The War Against Plantar Wart

For some, plantar wart = "chicken eye", it's an overgrowth of the outer skin causing pain in your walking.  But it's much more than that.

There was pain in the underside of my left big toe for months that has been building up, it was so much that every step felt like I've stepped on a big pebble.  I thought I'd nerve issue in my foot.

And went to my trusty foot reflexologist for help.  He told me it's "chicken eye", caused by a virus.  He also recommended those corn plaster remedies.

I did for 3 weeks and didn't work.  I've put on sandalwood oil, known to be very effective against bacteria and virus skin issues (worked for my chicken pox blisters very well), but no, didn't work too.

Then I thought constantly peeling off the skin overgrowth might help the pain, and no again, it doesn't work.

In fact, I found many "eyes" circling the main one, it's actually tiny blood vessels created by the virus to feed it.  It was like I was rearing an alien on my foot.

I sought the Great Internet for answers, considered burning my wallet going to a skin specialist, and news from all around said that I might just want to literally burn my money going for it.  Well, my bro also said the same thing.

So no, doctors may not work.

And then, I came across an old wives solution from the internet = The Vinegar Therapy.

Reviews said that it "hurts hell" but resolved many old plantar warts, some as old as 10 years.  Now that got me sit up.

While I was mulling if I should try the Vinegar Therapy (if expensive sandalwood oil doesn't work.....), Bee helped made the decisive action for me by buying 1 bottle white vinegar + put right at my nose + said, "Use it lah, try lor.  Not expensive and no harm."

Point taken.

The 1st time on it, I didn't feel much.  But the 2nd time.....

I felt a pain radiating into the nerves and bones.
It tingles the bigger section of the foot.
The muscles started going into spasms.
The pain intensify even with washing off the vinegar on the skin.
It was great pain + spasms going in tandem, and I called for help from mom.
I was going to black out.

With great effort + some of the TCM OTC medicine I bought from Hong Kong, I managed to regain full consciousness after 45 minutes.  The intense pain had subsided, leaving some manageable minor throbbing.

But the effect was near miraculous.

After that episode of intense pain, 3 little "eyes" disappeared overnight, and the other eyes went smaller.  If I didn't remember wrongly, I'd managed to walk better the next morning.

So the scary Vinegar Therapy continues.

Oddly enough, as I continue the Therapy, the 3rd time didn't give me that level of pain.  Only enough to endure easily.  Endure, my friends, endure.

As the therapy goes into the 5th day = 5th time, all the small "eyes" had gone, leaving a healing "mother".  I continue for another 3 days to be safe.

After stopping the therapy, the skin on the offending area went into a long healing period, shedding layers and layers of outer skin while new ones come up.

It's now good as new without any walking pain.

Anyone with old plantar wart(s), try this Vinegar Therapy.  It's cheap and effective, just alot of pain.  Well, plantar wart(s) give pain on its own too.

But do remember to remove the hard + thick outer layer of skin, reaching the "eyes" then apply the vinegar, otherwise, the thick skin may just prevent the peace army from reaching the focal point.

Use a cotton pad, apply some vinegar + hold it in place by a plaster.  Don't saturate it or it will drip all over the floor.  It'd discolored some of the tiles in my house already.  But as they're off-white, the discoloration isn't obvious.



Blur Ting said...

Ouuchh! Sounds like excruciating pain. I had it as a teenager and went for an operation to remove it.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

Oooooo....totally gone from it? And oh yeah, excruciating indeed!