Saturday, November 10, 2012

When You're Really Busy, Time Seem To Slowed

It has been a few days more than 2 months of the 2nd Business with Boy, and we have hit a few milestones that besides hardwork, we can only attribute the rest to Luck and Miracles.

I'm now running at full capacity = I can't take anymore new orders.
Welcomed an Associate Director with 30 years of solid experience.
Closed a very difficult case = my Japanese client almost threw the towel in despair.
Quite sealed the relationship in honey with the above client because I did it for them.
Going to see a consultant prospect next Monday noon.

The Associate Director is new to the company, we don't know how well he can run with us, so this is still an unknown.  The consultant has yet to sit down with me for a discussion if she's keen to take up this role, or if she's up for it.  So this is another unknown.

'Cos my standards to this industry of consultants is abit unique, I will train them up on every aspect of human psychology that includes the following:

Voice tone
Body language
Dressing psychology = dress sense tells alot of an individual
Hairdo psychology = ditto above
SMS + email etiquette = affects many impressions of you
Conversation psychology = how one speaks tells volumes of their train of thoughts etc.
How to pick up psychological signals just by candidates' sent-in material = placements, selection of words, structure, grammar etc.
Conversational skills with clients + candidates = certain words must never be said + how to structure your delivery + voice tone etc.

All these give many hints to their productivity, PR skills, personalities etc., that most of my competitors don't impart or have little idea over.  These affect productivity and closing rate.

For the conversational skills, these are even more important as we're creating impressions, and impressions last.  No matter we mean it or not, we have to mitigate any potential issues to the lowest.

I've turned down a handful of businesses when I hear of their challenges and company structure.  After hearing out, I go straight into dissecting how their business runs, leading to the mountains they need to climb before solving the issues.  1 of them looked at me in wide eyes and cooed, "How did you know what happened in my company?"

I've experienced, heard and seen enough business politics dramas in the 14 working years of my life.  These formed the scripture to running + smelling out business or departmental issues in companies.  All these come down to only 1 thing = human faults.  Nothing else.

Some can be resolved if the HODs are resolved at solving them (for MNCs), the rest can't be resolved unless we break apart the family members' participation in the business for family-run businesses.

It's just that.

Once the company settles down, Boy + I will start talking to some IP lawyers to trademark my skills, I can sell these skills by way of training to many companies' core departments, especially when selecting future leaders of the departments etc.

Given this time of the year and the state of the global economy now, Boy + I are more than thankful and grateful of the good tidings, we just need more to set the company's track solid so it starts cruising, and so that I've time to plan the structure so a solid system is in place if I'm not around.

As I look back, I couldn't help being amazed at how much is achieved (Boy is a sleeping partner though he contributed differently) within 2 months.  But I'm in the clarity to know that things going so smooth are not entirely my work, it has to be the work of some divine intervention.

There are many positive things that we didn't expect and they drop onto our laps.  There're tactical mistakes that I did with alot of regret, but they sorted themselves out on its own.  We couldn't be more thankful than we can.

Our company is new, we are small, but with the 1st breakthrough with that Japanese client, I'm of the confidence that we are useful to many other prospective companies who hasn't heard of us.  Or skeptical of us because there are just so many competitors around, who talked of the world and deliver so little at such expensive rates.

We are a contingent and retained search firm.

Wish us luck. 

Thank you.  =))


xjunkfoodx said...

Good luck! :D

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

ooeii, gam-siah!! u in US now, yes? when going China? got come back for a while or not?