Friday, October 26, 2012

The Bee-Fry 1st Anniversary

Together = officially dating, I mean.

In part, the wearing off of the honeymoon period disappoints me, but the other bit where we start to find out about each other was appreciated too.

It was difficult, or I think impossible, to have your cake and eat it too.

There are bits about Bee that irritates me, there are bigger bits of me that irritates Bee too.

If I'm unhappy over a dispute of views, I ignore Bee till the emotion ebbs.
There was once I think I was accused wrongly by Bee, the cold war lasted 1 week.
Till I initiated conversation.  Or you can say, communication.

Yes, yes, my bad, my bad.  But this is how I deal with it.  I don't like quarrels, then naturally ignoring the other party till my emotion passed is the other way.

There was once, in 1 of our dispute, I said, "You don't understand me."  And Bee replied, "And you don't understand me too."

And it hit me, we know each other for 1.5 years, how to achieve any indepth "understanding" at all?  I got around it, kiss and made good with Bee, "We're so fresh into the relationship, we need to understand each other more."

So yes, it was universally agreed and we made good.

I'm glad that we're actually simple animals that there shouldn't be lots to discover, yes?

Bee, for now, for not wanting to incurr my temper, would withhold things to tell me.  I'm not sure how long this can last.  But I think we will work around it.  Well, I want to work around it 'cos I want this relationship.

A lasting relationship isn't all about love, it's 90% effort.  And lots of understanding the other party's true character + personality + don't take context out of some words/statements.

Yup, all very easy to say but a mountain to climb to execute.  But I want to work around it, and I'm sure Bee too.

But I'm very appreciative of Bee's patience with me.  I wasn't blamed (so far) when I go into that stint of ignoring.  I'm given a lot of space to be what I want to be.

That's why I always say, it's Bee's (sorta) misfortune to love me = I'm very likeable to most people (or charming, to the weaker ones :P), but I'm very unlovable once my pattern is uncovered.

**  I'm guessing it's this very nature that Bee falls for me.  Yes, my dear?  *WIDE GRIN*

Yet, it's Bee's nature and the love to me that I want to make it work.  I'm a quitter, I'm a notorious quitter with human relationships.  I quit friends if I don't like them, or that we're of different frequency, or we can't talk.

I don't care, I just quit them.

I'm with the notion that since we can't choose our family, we must choose our friends well, to have lesser human relationship issues in life.  This is why I've never had friends' back-stabbing issues since young = I've few friends and I mostly have guy friends.

Women tend to give more trouble, unless the friendship made it through the years into middle-age.  But few made it that far with my generation of people.  Lol.

But Bee, dear Bee....The biggest virtue Bee has is the compassion towards people, for which I'm of the direct opposite.  And here's another big irony = Bee has even lesser friends than I do with that shy character + the introvert that Bee is.

Me, I'm much more extrovert and I can make a country of friends if I want to.

With my current office of recept + sales team of girls, we're quite arh-gah-liao now, in the span of nearly 2 months.  Even the cleaning auntie is my good friend.

But I'm a human relationship quitter still.  Oh, another irony of Life.  But Life is full of ironies if we observe carefully.

Bee tends to give way + give in to people, even more so with me.  This amplifies my flaws + (sometimes) guilt towards Bee + how I treat others.  So from it, I learnt many from Bee too.

I'm trying to increase my tolerance towards people by the millimeter daily, and lower my intolerance by half-millimeter daily too.

Now, this is advancement, no?


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha......Happy Anniversary, my dearie Bee.  I hope we are blessed with anniversaries till the end of our time.

I love you.  =)))


wai ching said...

finish long time liao... =P you may proceed with your chinese entry. after that back to english ya... =P

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

ai seh! hahahahahahahahaha!!

wai ching said...

how come i owe you 30 plates of porky goods wan???? hahahahaa...

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

we agreed tat u owe me many many many char-siew + siew-yok = tis is the estimation = my view of many many many.


Blur Ting said...

So fast one year already? Time flies.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

scary but true! lol

Open Kitchen Concept said...

One year! Time flies. Congrats and to many more years ahead!!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

thanks thanks! =))