Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Month On, Of 2nd Biz

Pardon the sparse activity here, I was thoroughly flat out with 2nd Biz and for my own.

I wasn't online so much that Lia-Lia sms-ed me 2x to check if I'm still alive.  Hehehe....sorry, my dear, busy setting the course of the business = missed out hearing from you of cheeky God Daughter.

The last Lia-Lia reported (via sms), God Daughter can recite ABCs and 123s already.  *mega melt*

I need abit more time to settle things down so I can visit you + God Daughter, ok?  Please send more kisses to the cheeky girl's head.  :D

And then, I'm supposed to visit Open Kitchen Concept + her new baby girl in the coming Fryday, but the kismet has it that a potential client wants to meet me that very morning (and possibly get the contract that she has signed off) = I gotta rush from the North to North-East after it's all done.

I hope the sun was shining that morning + cabs are plenty around + an awesome cabbie who drives like F1 + taxi doesn't break down + no traffic police around + no one/animal dashes across the road + I don't leave anything behind. 

So I reach before the party is over + the cake finished.  Ahehehehe.....

There, I guess I've covered my wish well enough.  *WIDE GRIN*

The 1st month of business was a roller coaster ride.  There were mistakes we don't prior know of and God shined his rays of benevolence to guide us through.  I cannot be thankful enough of the miracles bestowed upon us.

Having said that, there are alot to be done still + more of God's helping hand to guide us through.

1 of it is to hire an able person into the company to work with us.

We need someone with domain expertise of the sector they are in to be our Associate Director, with a window to be part of the Directors in 3 years and carry out 360-degree of departmental creation.  We will leave the whole department/company to that incumbent to run too.

Ah well, hope someone good would drop on our lap.  Lol.

By right, our industry's downtime = last quarter of the year, but we are getting busy for a few major accounts' panel review = we need to fight to get into their list of preferred vendors.

Hard work is ok as long as there is result.

Wish us luck.  =)))

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