Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Working From Home Today

As I've cleared most groundwork + waiting for the contracts to come in (signed, but the executive is kinda lazy to email over = may walk over tomorrow to pick it up) = working from home today.

Then a call to a prospect of the prospects to working together later in the noon.  Oh pun.  LOL

Yesterday, I made a pitch to sis to work with Boy + I. 

I've followed through her career from Germany to Netherlands + seen how sis work in her 1 year here + the dynamics of her colleagues + bosses (I've been to her company lunches + some private events) + hear of her presentations to clients then they almost always try to poach her over = sis is truly a gem to have. 

But getting such little pay with her brains + PhD = doesn't justify at all.  It's obscene.

So I discussed with Boy over the phone yesterday + craft the email as we went.  Below is the pitch.

Boy and I are very keen to bring in able people who can work + the vision, and we have discussed on the benefits for you, we can give you all the support + benefits if you're on-board with us.
If there are other things that you want from our company, we can work out something for you. 
The whole compensation system will be on 50-50 = 50% of the nett revenue will go to you + you will be the Director of this Division.  In future, any expansion of headcount will go through you and we will not interfere = we will give you the absolute authority of the Division's future.
It's either we set up another company for you to run or you head this Division now = you can sit anywhere in the world where Mango Guy (her future husband) will be, so you have no issue with the location.
Progression wise, if you decide to leave us at any juncture, your portfolio won't be affected = you can still go back to the industry 'cos you're leaving as a Director.

A lot of times, you would get in touch with the projects of the clients too, to understand more of how + who they need to fill the projects.  In the event that they're interested to rope you in = we will charge them a consulting fee (split 50% with you) in like, 3 stages of payment, depending on their accounting system + structure.
And as mentioned, you will be "Director & Principal Consultant, insert industry" for our division.

Below is the job scoop.

Blah the job scoop.

Have some time to weigh your options, it's always more fulfilling to work for your own than for others + mindful of the politics and stuff, and you can handpick (or fire) anyone being the overall in-charge.  Even if you're made a department head in another company, firing someone may have political implications = not as easy....

Have a good mull over.

Talent is hard to find + even harder to keep, if we're not working hard to find + keep 1, then Boy + I must be mad.

Sis, the ball is in your court now.  Remember, 什么都可以商量地!*WIDE GRIN*


Anonymous said...

Hi there, since you've worked as a recruiter before I would be immensely grateful if you could help me...do recruiters really check up the job history of candidates? Will they simply check the with the last employer or will they go back to check with each and every companies, even those that were more than 10 years ago?

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

normally checks the last one, for more executive roles (think monthly SGD$10K and above) = last 3.

however, having said tat, not every recruiter would go for last 3. or even the last one, or current one.

for some of the more sensitive executive posts, recruiters + client will engage a "research company" to check up a shortlisted candidate. this is expensive + very thorough.

you could assume that role would be for mid-senior level ones.

Anonymous said...