Saturday, September 15, 2012

Corporate Life = Then + Now

I hope I'm not jinx-ing it, but here goes.  LOL

Corporate life 4 years ago and now has a difference, the main that I can quite confidently say is, I like mornings now + I sleep earlier too.  My energy level is also better than 4 years ago. 

Odd that as we age, we shouldn't feel better physically, no?  But I could attribute it to my more disciplined meditation practises for the last 3 years + changing the way how I look at things bit by bit = less mental stress.

Or we can say that I try to keep it to the minimal.

In the past, waking up in the mornings was a dread.  I would do an 8.30am then reach office by 9.15am, have my breakfast by the laptop till 9.45am to 10am then start work.

Now, I reach Raffles Place by bus 722 at 8.15am (8am if Friday), buy my breakfast + have it in office till 9am and goes all the way till lunchtime, then break, then all the way till things end.

I try to end it all by 5.30pm just so I can catch bus 722 back home = I got more productive than my previous corporate incarnation.  And that means....

No Facebook.
No Plurk.
No surfing the net for fun.
Except lunchtime where I lunch-in 95% of the time, away from the crowd + food smell on the clothes.

And I enjoy that.

I find myself more calm + focused working in the hours than the last, though I'm not entirely sure if it's being my own business.

However, when things starts kicking in, I may not have the luxury to go home at 5.30pm already.  But lets pray that I can more or less achieve it a few times in a week.  LOL

Physically, I feel fresher waking up at 7am + sleeping at 11.30pm (latest) at night than waking up at 9am + sleeping at 12.30pm.  My dark eye rings are even fading!  Though they're not really that dark in the 1st place.  LOL

But ain't it feels good to see your dark eye rings fading?  I'm chuffed.  Hehehe....

Aside all these, I hope things are going on good.

Boy and I don't ask for much, or rather, I hope I can achieve the minimal KPI budget of the industry norm; which to Boy, is really comfortable already.

And hope we have the luck to hire a good consultant next year.

Pray for us.



Anonymous said...

been reading your blog for awhile and i like your positivity vibes you possess!

good luck to your new business venture and finding that good consultant

but i am thinking aloud to myself - What is your definition of a good consultant? I may have recommendations! :)

One man's meat is another man's poison!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...


we can take it offline, can email me = info AT