Friday, August 17, 2012

The Part I Love Best When Writing The Copy For 2nd Biz Website....The "Join Us" Bit

Working with XXX is like working in your own company, you decide your base salary and the sky is your limit.  We may not be able to offer benefits like Google, but we try our best to give the most we can.

At XXX, we believe in business profit without leeching the blood of our people.

And your KPI is most definitely attainable; we believe what goes around comes around.

The right talent will enjoy:

·       Report for work and leave anytime of the day
·       Wear whatever you like to office if you are not meeting clients or candidates
·       Maximum 35% commission and uncapped limit
·       Premium ice-cream, chips and beer in the pantry
·       Espresso machine and organic tea
·       21 days leave right from the start
·       2 extra months of maternity leave, apart from government mandated one
·       Extra day of leave for every year with us, capped at 40 days
·       3 months of paternity leave on us
·       All work-related transport expenses on us
·       Bring your child/pet to work if you need to
·       Additional cab fare, capped at $300 a month if you need to stay till 9pm
·       Maximum SGD$1,000 of monthly entertaining expenses on us
·       Company breakfast every Monday, no alcohol (of course)
·       Q-end celebration if KPIs are hit, $1,000 per head for a night of merry-making
·       Company dinner every month, alcohol thrown in
·       Office shut-down the next day to nurse the hangover
·       Additional You-Name-It benefit for anyone whose exceptional KPI is reached
·       Birthday celebration in office at $200 of merry-making per Birthday Star
·       Premium water and air purifier system in office
·       New tele-equipment and laptop for every consultant annually
·       Premium office fixtures and equipment for everyone
·       Work-related course on us and no leave deducted for it
·       Company trip annually for KPIs reached
·       Conventional and alternative medical expenses on us
·       Friendly working environment, family-like atmosphere.  We promise.

What do we look for in our people?  Transparency, integrity, honesty and efficiency too, and that sincere desire to work with people who believe in friendship in the office.

XXX wants people who believe in creating a second home out of their own families in the workplace.  The outside world can be cold sometimes, but the office would still be warm.

And if the time comes that a XXX consultant feels that he/she is able to hold a fort of his/her own, we would be glad to be their business partner and 100% fund their wish.

We give you the funds, you fulfill your wish and we split the fruits fair and square.

Like what you see?  Reach us at for a confidential discussion.
We're not giving away too much, if KPIs not hit = no get.  And it's seriously within industry standards.  =)
My big wish after business gained traction, is to groom someone to take over me, so Boy + I will just be in the Board of Directors.  But finding a good leader can be more difficult than finding good staff.
So....lets cross fingers for good business and its future lah.


Anonymous said...

I'm really curious: when do you expect to break even?

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

that's for me to know and for you to find out. =)