Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why PAP May Lose More Votes In The Next Election = Public Transport Woes

I have the luxury of not taking the public transport for the last 3.5 years of my life since coming out on my own = crafting my appointments to off-peak public transport hours. 

But having been a small sales fry for most of my life (10 years), I've my fair share of experience with public transport.  I stood, got squeezed at, caught in traffic jams and all.

The recent experience with our local public transport are the alternate daily travel via our LRTs and MRT to Singapore Poly for a short course, as part of the criteria to getting the license to operate The 2nd Business.

It was far more horrible than what I've had 3.5 years ago.  I have to miss the trains in the vital MRT stations (Choa Chu Kang and Jurong East) at least 2x before I can board, and the situation in the cabins aren't far from appalling too.

The sardines in their cans could be having a better time than us, I really think.

I also have a mind to think that some deadly track accidents in the past could well be due to the squeeze + anxiety to board the trains in the morning, and not actually suicide.

I worry for the pregnant ladies, the dangers of an accident with the bad squeeze in the cabins, and we should know that not everyone can afford to own a car/taxi for their pregnant wives to work daily. 

And then the kids and babies?  Who can be frightened by the crowds, got hurt in the squeeze and etc?

Before I point my finger at the Ministry of Transport for the failure of having the vision to upgrade our public transport system, I point my fingers first at SMRT and our bus operators = SMRT + ComfortDelGro.  They are the people on the ground, with daily experience with the public.  They should know what's going to come and work with the ministry to negate any future issue.

Or mitigate at worse.

I've some thoughts of relieving the situation, though some are repeated from the news, so the whole view can be more holistic.

Increase the amount of standing cabins in MRTs for peak hours.

We need space + the frequency of our trains is already not bad, though if it can come once a minute + well-paced timings for every stop would be even better. 

The ratio of 1:2 should be good enough.

Dedicate half a cabin or a full one for the elderly, pregnant ladies, babies and/or kids.

This is to prevent possible accidents, and the boarding rights can be monitored by MRT staff.

Increase the hiring of bus captains + buses for more route-servicing frequency

This is in the news already.

Allow more private transport companies running passenger vans + express coach/bus services

You want to discourage car ownership, then learn from Hong Kong.  And yes, this has been discussed in the news too.

Incentives for 2nd hand car ownership

To reduce wastages in resources of our Earth.  But knowing how our government are afraid of businesses, this could be just a dream.

Allow passenger ferries to pick up and stop at high human density working areas

This is quite a dream + lots of cost to the initial outlay in infrastructure, but it can be done if the government is visionary enough for Singapore's future.

Because our biggest working population are in the Raffles Place-Tanjong Pagar, Tuas-Jurong, Changi, to name a few; these destinations are reachable by water as our waters are mostly naturally deep.

Pickup points will have to be in Jurong-West Coast and East Coast-Marine Parade areas too.

Though travelling by water won't send us straight to our offices/factories (frankly, most MRT and bus stops won't too), and some travelling by bus + foot is required, a good system can be planned out for this to be successful.

Our main aim is to relieve the strain on the main lines to work for our public transport (MRTs + buses), no?  So there we go.

It'd be quite a sight every morning, to be able to travel by water to work.  The sea is very therapeutic to most of our human beings souls, you know.  And I'm sure there would be people who are willing to ditch their cars for some sea therapy daily, even if this would be the most expensive form of public transport of all.

I know I would take it, 2x a week.

Those who would get sea-sick, too bad.  =P

When the above are in place, increase the COE, and the ERP charges further in peak hours

To reduce traffic jams, to make way for the public buses + private coaches service lines.  Yes, it's already high, but we're a country with little land, something has to give.

You're free to live in Australia or anywhere else if you KPKB.


If you'd like to leave a comment, you're welcomed to do so.  But I will not respond to idiots = I respond to live, working brains.

Thank you very muchie.



Wen-ai said...

Yup... the MRT is really so much of a squeeze that I try to take public buses. The frequency of the buses did improve a bit lah...

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

but still not as nearly good enough... =(