Friday, July 27, 2012

The Day Cockiness Died

I just popped a vial of Poh-Chai-Yun for the errant tummy  = decided to let the medicine kick in before going to bed = writing the experience I had with Boy at the bank just days ago.

For the start of our 2nd Business, we have to furnish a security deposit to that government agency responsible for issuing us the license = no security deposit, no license to operate.  And so we did + open our corporate account with the same bank.

Now it was a Saturday morning at the neighbourhood branch, me + Boy tumbled outta our beds to make way for it.  Being the least in concern of our images, we dressed as below.

Uncombed short hair, mine even had a pillow pit at the right of my head.
Slippers (me) + sandals (Boy).

We looked young, though in all truth, my physical age isn't, but Boy is very young.

So I think with the image + the age, the duty floor manager of the bank looked at us in maybe, some poor light that she was quite rude at us.  Well, she's also rude with other customers but with what we are doing, she's not the least professional.

Besides that, she doesn't seem confident of the form-filling bit for the security deposit, that she has to seek other colleague's affirmation before relaying the message back to us in some instances.  Then she said that a credit officer should be the one with the most information but they don't work on weekends.

This rose a red light in me.

Boy + I held on, we just want to get past the process and leave, 'cos there were tonnes of documents to sign + verify.  It was as if we were signing our human rights away.

And then, this happened.

Me:  "Is there anything we need to know or look out for, for this security deposit?"
Floor manager:  "Oh ya, if there's any amendment, you'll be charged $100 for each change."

Wait.  This is not right.

With a look at Boy, I open out.

Me:  "Right, you have to understand that we know nothing about the security deposit procedure.  We're new in this."
Floor manager:   "Yup."
Me:  "So if there's anything wrong with the document, we should not be liable for a mistake that is yours.  'Cos you're the bank staff, we do everything under your instructions."
Floor manager:   "No, I'm sorry, this is the bank's rules, the $100 will have to stay."
Me:  "Hahahaha.....You're wrong, this is the bank's fault, not ours.  For putting an ill-trained staff, that is you, to guide their customers.  In every right, legal or not, we will win.  Not you, not the bank.  And for every word that you said in this procedure, I can hold your bank responsible.  If I want to sue you or your bank, I can.  We're not going to pay for any $100 mistake if it happens, you or your bank have to absorb it."

She started to get angry and said that we shouldn't be doing this process because we're endangering her profession as the credit officer should be the one helping us through the process.

And then I struck.

Me:  "Ah, now you're saying that we should come back another day to do this security deposit, when we're now almost done with the form-filling, and when you're the one who started the whole process without informing us that you're not sure of the procedure.  I can hold you and your bank liable for any loss, in time and effort, that my business partner and I suffered.  Think carefully, it's just a $100 issue."

Her face turned white, and got very polite all of the sudden to the both of us.  She smiled and laughed, albeit nervously.

Floor manager:   "Ahahahaha.....everything should be right lah, if anything, I'll get my credit officer to contact you for any information.  Hahahaha....."
Me:  "So I take it that you understood what I've said.  Please be careful with our security deposit and process it well, this is between the government and us, this is also business.  We don't want any delay and anything to go wrong if we can help it."
Floor manager:   "Hahahaha....certainly, certainly."

Later, she said humbly that she wants her job and she hoped that she won't lose it because of this.

And this was what I replied,  "Don't worry about it, you will not lose your job.  The bank will not sack you because of $100, they're smarter than that.  Trust me, I know I'm right."

In all honesty, Boy + I discussed briefly of coming back another day for it, but something in me told me to push ahead, and I think my raising temper has a part with the decision.  So I said no, I want it done today.

Then just yesterday, I received a call from the bank's back-end officer, who invited me + Boy to go down to the branch for some amendment's counter-signings.  He was 100% polite and addressed me quite like a butler.

I had a mind to think that the whole drama got relayed to the back-end, so they are treating me a little bit more special in the phone conversation.

Me:  "Sure, no problem, both of us will go down the branch for it.  Do we have to pay that $100 for it?"
Officer:  "Oh no no no, none at all, just need to counter-sign it."
Me:  "Ah, thank you very much.  How much longer does it take for the security deposit to finish the processing?  We need to get to that government agency ASAP."
Officer:  "We're in the last lap of the process, you should be able to get the document by next week, latest."
Me:  "Fantastic.  Thank you very much for your work."
Officer:  "It's my pleasure, Miss Ah Fry."

100% different from the floor manager, his English even sounded very decent.  Grammar, intonation and all.

You see, why I'm blogging this entry isn't because we won a battle, I want to highlight a few important things when dealing with people like that floor manager.  And there're plenty of such people around.

There is no need be angry though you can raise you voice abit.
There is no need to rain expletives at them.
Speak slowly.
Calmness can solve many issues.
Maintain the respect due to the other party, don't talk to them them like animals because you won.
Just present back the facts to their face + what they've said.
And present your rights to them.
All in the right timing = wait for the opportunity to strike.

I'm not sure about Boy but I admire confident people, even if they're abit cocky.  As long as this person knows his work in-and-out, I've nothing but admiration for their guts.

I hope with this episode, that floor manager would take a 2nd look at her attitude + her professionalism in her work + her work knowledge.  I'm not out to kill to anyone (though I've been misunderstood to be too harsh), I hope people excel in their work so they move up.

Or in the very least, cruise in their job.

And should anything cropped up in this episode, though I definitely don't wish to happen, I should be confident to get my lawyer friend to do up a letter to the bank.  He should be glad to help.

All it takes is a cup of kopitiam teh + a good dark chocolate bar.


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