Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yesterday Once More

I'm listening to this song as I type right now.

I just went into the Plantronics website to look through some call-centre headset models for my 2nd business as there'll be alot of phone conversation, so this little gadget would be handy + be fair to my shoulder and joints.

Buying this set would come out of my own pocket so we save on the investor's capital.  It's a tough time doing business and I want to be fair to my investor, while being fair to my physical health.

As I pore through the models, I decided to get the same model back in the Happiest Corporate Days where the ex-company got for all of us.  It's a simple basic model yet able to take loads of abuse.  I hope it's still as hardy as 4 years ago.


There was alot of emotion when I looked at those stuff, like I think how some of my ex-colleagues might feel too.

It was the pre-Financial Tsunamis, where stocks ran high and the economy was good.  We all earn very well and it the time I earned my teeny weeny bucket of goodness at a low 5-figure sum.

But frankly, looking back now, it's not the money that got me reminiscing.  Really, I kid you not.

In the 13 years of my working life from retail salesgirl welcoming any Tom, Dick or Harry to the shop, where we fend off some mad dude and dudette, to my 1st corporate stint that got my 1st good 4-figure salaries, I know worklife isn't all about the money.

Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm jaded, those 2 years with that Happy Company was truly the happiest.

All colleagues get along well.
We sometimes yell at each other for fun, no hard feelings.
We call each other by the nicknames we came up with.
Boss was good.
Company management was good.
We had loads of lunches together.
We even went shopping in Taka after work sometimes.

But I regret.

I regret not knowing how to bond with them better 'cos I'm not lady enough.  I don't like window shopping for clothes, talking about sales, cosmetics, shoes etc that I often put myself apart from them.  I only get to enjoy the lunches, the Q-end celebrations, Theme Fridays etc.

I really regret, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I was so full of myself, so brash, so heady and in some way too arrogant to appreciate the Golden Era in all of its wholesome goodness.

With this, if there's any young readers out there, please don't repeat my mistake.

Nothing can buy great memories, like nothing can buy Time and love.