Friday, June 22, 2012

This Is The Reason Why Mike Says I'm 坏人. Hahahaha.... =P

Yesterday after I left the Blackberry Hospital with a new baby (hope you're healthy this time, darling!), I went over to Taka for a walk.  And passed by a stall selling Taiwan food = Taiwan food promo.....

Me:  *picks up an odd looking kinda cake in vacuumed pack*  智慧糕?
Sales Auntie:  *very chirpy*  来看看啊,从台湾来的智慧糕!
Me:  什么智慧做的?
Sales Auntie:  *stunned dio*  Errr....*kinda guilty voice*  Errrr.....这个是智慧糕来的。
Me:  Yah lah, but 是什么智慧来的啦?
Sales Auntie:  *very pregnant pause*  你看一下啦,里面有海藻的。
Me:  *flips to see ingredients behind*  Orrrhh.....是斋的啦。
Sales Auntie:  Yes yes.  Hehe.....有很健康的海藻做的。
Me:  Ok.  *puts back to shelf*

Jiak-zeh = wisdom?  Don't joke liao lah, how many temple monks took money from devotee's donations + contributions?  How many of them touch women and/or boys?  HAHAHAHAHA.

Mike last time always say I tekan people, if I wanna tekan them, I don't do this 的。I'm better than this.  But from a 13 years sales background, I know how difficult it is to do sales, especially on roadshows.

But if you want to excel in such tedious environment, you gotta be good.  Don't dunno your stuff then come out do sales or do customer service, eh dio buah one!  I'm glad to buah 'cos I really want them to be better.

Then again, they may not get the clue + just think I'm being difficult.  Too bad liao, got no 福报 to have a better life lor.  Is true.

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