Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keeping The Good Running

Ah Jelly shared in her Twitter, what I'd say a very powerful, well-thought and well-written good read....


Of our Singapore's future.  This article laid out real-time statistics from someone who was an economist from GIC, who has since left his job for other things in life. 

It's truly a good read.

As I pore through his views and calculations, I can't help looking at the impending new business that could take place in August.  Could, as it's 2 months to the operational phrase and 2 months is 61 days to any change that can kill it.

Even if it managed to be delivered, there's another phrase that might kill its future growth = the phrase where we're making money well + my business partner decides to be greedy and starts cutting corners in the benefits I want to gift my team.

My ideal is to develop the company into The Company of its kind (and in industry) to work for in Singapore, my business partner has agreed not to interfere with my policies but you wouldn't know how human may change at the feet of money.

Some of the additional benefits (in addition to the previous entry + government mandated ones) that I want to implement for the selected performing candidates into the company from Day 1.

21 days leave.
Extra day of leave for every year with the company, capped at 40 days.
No accumulation of leave. (I want to force people to rest + there's no business sense to leave accumulation too)
2 extra months of maternity leave under company expenses.
3 months of paternity leave under company expenses.
All work-related transport expenses are claimable against the company.
Additional taxi fare per month, capped at $300 for anyone if they have to work till 9pm.
And dinner on company expense, capped at $40 a meal, if have to work till 9pm.
All work-related entertaining expenses are claimable against the company, capped at $1K each, per month.
Maximum 35% commission = highest within the industry.
Company overseas trips if the KPIs are reached.
Company breakfast every Monday.
Company dinner every month.
Additional Q-end celebration for whole company if KPIs are reached, capped at $1K per head for 1 night. (Dinner + drinking + all sensible merry-making + cab fares home + office shut-down the next day to nurse the hangover)
Additional individual monetary benefits for exceptional KPIs reached.
Well-stocked pantry with premium chips, ice cream, tea, coffee etc.
Employees are allowed to bring their pet(s) or kid(s) to office if needed.
Birthday celebrations under company expenses, capped at $300 per person.
Premium office fixtures for every cubicle.
Premium water + air purifier system in the office.
Conventional and alternative medical care benefits. (Reiki? TCM? Yes, you can claim.)
Work-related, latest tele-equipments given free to every consultant annually.
Company sponsored work-related courses + no leave deducted in the course of it.

There may be more when I thought of more.

If my calculations didn't serve me wrong, with such benefits going + the team hitting their KPIs, my business partner and I are still able to earn $30K - $40K a month, with good money left in the company account at near 70% manpower capacity.

Other bosses in the same capacity in that industry draw $50K - $60K monthly without the above mentioned benefits, and this is why the consultants leave + play musical chairs every year.

Of course, if anyone is found abusing the benefits + system, they'll be given the HR letter + penalties will be dished out.  Repeat offenders (3x) will be fired.

I've seen too many greedy Asian slave-driver bosses and it is wrong.  If you want to grow strong + retain your talent + longevity in your business, you need to be generous.  I want to reward every productive and honest employee so they're willing + happy to work.

This is then right.

My funding business partner is a very young man, 26 years old this year, as we speak.  He promised of giving the benefits back to the staff but I'm not sure if he will change looking at the profits at the end of the month.  It's so easy to be greedy, yet so difficult to be magnanimous.

Then again, I'm wrong to worry in advance too.  Man propose and God dispose, we can only do our best and take a day at a time.

Wish me luck.  =)


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Wow. Such a generous company. I'd be happy to work for such a company :) 3 months paternity leave is nice!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

if the company starts + goes onto the growing stage as planned, lets talk. we need all the good people we can get. =)

my plan is to keep 2 headcount, excl me, in the initial stage.

keep in touch. =)

Anonymous said...

Are you opening a headhunting firm? :)

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hi, do i know you?

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Nope! We dont know each other but i came across your blog randomly! :)