Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Incorrigible Auntie Fry's 3rd Hong Kong Trip!

Finally have the energy after an awesome cookout + chat + laughter with Ah Ruok + 小芬姐 at Ah Ruok's pad yesterday.  And oh man, his pad is an inspiration for my future Fry Cave!  His design idea + choice of home appliances + the flow of his design....

Ah Fry will consult him when Fry time comes.  *WIDE GRIN*

Now, the aim of this HK trip is to decompress Fryself + do anything the gut tells Fry, and the below are the observations.

Not all milk tea are equal

And so I found. 

My 1st trip gave me the luck to drink at good ones = auto assume every milk tea offered are good.  I've got some really nasty, tannic ones despite the whole load of condensed milk thrown into the brew.

Not all che-zai-meen are equal

And so I also found.

The 1st trip also gave me the luck to randomly found good ones to tuck into, then I started to search for che-zai-meen like how I seek out their milk tea.  When I found one, I was very disappointed.

The big intestines had a smell + not well-cooked through = yucky.
The veggies were cooked to their death = no crunch + limp.
The smoked duck breast has a weird texture.

I didn't finish it and left.

Hengfully, it's not expensive to lose.  Hahahaha.

HK is in a fog everywhere, every minute + dirty = depressing place to be

I wouldn't want to live in this place for any amount of money.  The apartments are dirty, lacking in maintenance.  Smelly gutter odour.  And the fog make everything look romantic initially but you can't help feeling the gloom with 24-7 fog shrouding this little city.

And it's perpetually noisy everywhere with their living apartments so near any road.  I'll have a mental breakdown living there.  Or I may go be a farmer in New Territories to escape it all.

HKers seem to have little concept of healthy eating

I wanted to eat light 1 evening + asked to stir-fry mixed veggie, you know, with a mind of what we have in our zi-char stalls.  The eatery people looked at me weirdly and nodded.

And what came out back in my hotel room was a box of pasture = veggies of chye-sim, kangkong, nai-bai.  It made me laughed so much that I'll be a cow in the next minute grazing at those greens.

Then, I tasted a really funky one halfway through = like chemicals (detergent?) and decided to throw the rest away.

Later, when I dined in their eatery, I saw that they leave raw veggie on the very dirty floors, beneath their stoves while the cooks walk about.  Woah.  Hold that stomach churn, Ah Fry.

Ok, enough of the nah.

Organic food is plenty + widely available

It's not the ready-made organic produce + veggie I'm talking about.  They've organic eggs + meat available too.  And organic shops that stock the range, through-the-line are in many places of HK Island.

I didn't explore Kowloon so the situation there may be different.

HK Island trams are the truly romantic ones

Slow moving, clinking and clunking away, worn-out look, they absolutely won the tourist Auntie Fry over.  They're good to while the time away while you have enough time to finish looking at your flanks of the windows.

Good food around

I think they have more good cooking than what we have in S'pore.  That's despite the very dirty environment they keep in their cooking area.

Though I do spot some spotted livers in the liver congee in 1 of my late dinner in the hotel, bought from a nearby shop.  I've not seen spots on pork liver surfaces before, so I made a mental note to detox when I'm back in S'pore.


A good place where my knees go weak at the range of groceries and fresh produce.  The auntie in me spent more than an hour going through all the shelves and tanks.  It's heaven for me.  Hahahahaha....

OTC TCM products

I spent nearly 3 hours in Yue Hwa Chinese good store buying + browsing the over-the-counter TCM products and spent SGD$300 buying some of those that are not found in S'pore.

Of that sum, abit went into a brand of Chinese herbal lozenges that's not found here too.  They're much more effective + tastier than our usual ones.  They served me well in my 2nd trip where I fell terribly ill.

MTR system

Very fast + efficient.  'Nuff said.  Hahahaha....

On other note....

Bratty boy + Cesar Millan

On my flight back, a young boy sitting behind me was absolutely bratty + uncontrollable for 70% of the journey.  He wailed + cried + yell + kicked my seat violently and I observed the whole drama keenly.

Dad is the discipline master.
Mom is the soft one who don't understand** her son + gives way to him.
Grandma panders to all what the boy wants + lavish praises despite his antics.

** Don't understand her boy = when the grandma asked what the boy likes to eat/have so give him some to shut him up, the mom says exasperatedly, "I don't know!!"  I was horrified.

It's little wonder that the boy turns out bad.  The wife deserves a good slap on her cheeks, while the grandma should get 2.

The poor father has to come over from his seat often to talk to the boy sternly while he shuts himself off from the scoldings.  I know this is an acute case of spoilt child syndrome, 'cos I kept turning my head over to see how the boy reacts.

When the family don't stand united to educate + discipline the offsprings, chaos will definitely ensue.

It was then that I got reminded of the episodes of Dog Whisperer caught in my hotel room TV.  It's a fascinating show, I agree with what Cesar Millan says because this is what's happening in human beings too, especially between the kid + parents.

You need to establish leadership over them.
You need to be calm + assertive.
You cannot be in the anxiety state + be assertive = any living thing will sense it + give you problems.

When the family isn't united in disciplining the dog, the dog gets confused and will scheme to get his way.  It's the same as kids.

Not all kids + dogs are born sane, kind and even-nature, you need to set boundaries and make known who you are in the hierarchy.

The cases in the Dog Whisperer are very real 'cos while human beings can act, animals are not often good actors.  As you see their reactions + how Cesar Millan counsel and educate the owners on correcting their dogs' behaviour, you start to find alot of sense.

This was also how I corrected Hamie (my 1st hamster) of her biting habit + escape attempts when she 1st arrives our house years ago.

I gave her a good piece of my mind, sent her back to the cage + ordered the whole family not to give her any attention for 24 hours.  Everytime she makes these mistakes

After 2-3 times of treatment, she no longer bits + tries to escape her cage.

Maybe I was lucky to get a sensible hamster, maybe I was right in the discipline style, but we cannot overlook the fact that this is how alot of human beings are = you need to manage them.

Those who work with many different people, from all walks of life will get what I mean.

Yakking so much about discipline and all, will I go back to HK again?

I'm not keen anymore.  Taiwan is a better place, the people are more genuine and kind.


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