Friday, April 6, 2012

Every Utopia Will Fall 1 Day

I'm nursing another cold as I'm writing this entry.  I feel it's important to share my thoughts about leadership and vision since things co-incide so nicely for this 2-cents worth of my thoughts.

I just came back from a 6-hour meeting-cum-lunch to find this article someone in my Facebook timeline shared.

I can't help nodding my head as I read along, just like what I've shared with my investor in this lengthy Good Friday business meeting.  In short, this is what's going to happen in the 3-month timeline.

An investor is going to fund a 6-figure sum to start a company where I'll head.
We've many rounds of meetings, drawing out the org chart and direction of this setup.
He will be the sleeping partner 90% of the time = 10% to go into the company to check the books.
I'll be the running the whole show.
We share alot of business management outlook.
The show will start running in August, ceteris paribus.

And then, in the meeting earlier, he said, "You know, there'll come a time where you'll start cruising and hand the running to someone else.  You don't have to slog the whole life away, you know."

I said, "If ever the right person is found."  And he agreed with me.

I know how the human strays with money and/or power.  It's not that power or money that corrupts, it's the human heart that already stock the seed for an eruption.

Many a times, one will hear another say, "No way!  I'll not do it even for a million dollars!"

What about $5 million?
10 million?
100 million?
1 billion?
10 billion?

Ah.  Didn't your heart just flutter?  No?

What about I kill your mom/dad to make you do it?
And your wife/husband?
And your kid/kids?
What about I'll just kill you?


There will be people who will not do a wrong for anything in the world, but that is rare.  As rare as a man who do not steal a glance at a beautiful woman on the streets, as rare as a woman who will not try a branded dress/shoe/handbag she cannot buy.

I'm not being pessimistic about human beings, in fact, this is human beings.

So as long as we're dealing with human beings, we have to be careful about them.

This new company's management style (if it's setup smoothly, as projected) will be modelled after my stint in the corporate era, of what my direct reporting boss (hailed from Australia) did to attract the right talent to stay + be productive + happy.

You can report for work anytime you want.
You can work while windsurfing too.
You can leave anytime in the day.
The pantry will be stocked with chips, ice cream and beer.
You can wear anything to work, if you're not meeting clients.
There will be an uncapped commission scheme, the sky is yours to take.

As long as you hit your given KPI, I don't care.  If you don't, you're out.

** It's not an MLM business, nor insurance, nor property.

In that era, under that ex-boss, productivity was high and everyone was happy.  And we worked our asses off, so much so that she told us to finish the expiring beer in the fridge.  No one has the time to touch those beer when we're so happy closing deals + getting our commission.

LKY cannot be more astute in understanding human beings.  PAP will fall and surely fall, what he didn't mention is that S'pore will fail 1 day too.  He assumed a good system makes a country infallible. 

He is wrong.

As long as there're human beings in the system, everything and anything can crumble.  You can try to find the best person to sit at the top, but without as right ones in the middle and the bottom, decay can happen too.

Without strong pillars, a house can fall apart.
Without a strong roof, the house can still fall apart, just not as fast.
Without strong walls, house can fall apart too, also not as fast.
Without a strong door, thieves or robbers can empty the house too.

There're so many factors and ways to bring a house down, let alone a company or country.

And how long does the right top + middle + bottom people stay in the company/country to keep it running at its optimal? 
How long does a human being lives? 
Wouldn't the kismet cut short a person's life in anyway?

There's no exact formula nor answer to the questions above.

I've told my investor, I've no qualms to fire a top producer if he/she poison the team with gossips and/or backstabbing.  He agrees with me.

No man is an island, I don't want to create a Bermuda Triangle of Doom.  I want to make the company a boutique setup and it will remain so with reasonable level of control in my hands.

My investor has agreed that we'll keep a maximum headcount of 5, excluding the backend non-profit producing ones, so I can hold the right control and eye on the people without overworking thus killing myself.

Our meeting today went through the business plan I wrote in a day, and the developmental milestones to hit etc.  From now till July, anything can happen to his will and/or the funds to come in to get things going.

I'm not crossing my fingers nor praying for it, I'm going with the flow.  As I always trust the higher powers (you can call God or Buddha) that everything that happened is right for me.  I've seen it happen so many times on myself that I cannot not trust the Flow of Life.

And how long will the company run in my hands?

As long as the kismet mandates it.


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