Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Beauty Of Partnership

I had lunch today with Lia-Lia, her hubby (YK) and God Daughter, for the purpose of a small gathering + it's God Daughter's 1st birthday.  Well, 2 days ago.  Hehehe....

God Daughter was absolutely fidgety in the Turf Club seafood restaurant, refused to sleep, very distracted and wanting freedom after sitting for about 15 minutes.

But this was where I see the partnership between Lia-Lia + YK.  They're 1st time parents and in my view, rather young (30 + 32 years old?) looking at how people these days marry late.

We had crabs, and with a baby who refused to nap, this proved to be quite some work to handle.  But I admire how Lia-Lia + YK reacted with God Daughter.

Because God Daughter is more sticky to mama, YK eats 1st.
YK deconstructed some crab meat + scoop into a tablespoon + add some gravy + send it to Lia-Lia while they're still freshly hot.
Lia-Lia had 2 spoonful of love from YK.
Then YK stopped halfway + washed his hands to take over.
So Lia-Lia can eat + talk to me. --> I'm technically Lia-Lia's friend.
After Lia-Lia finished, she went to wash her hands to take over from YK.
YK finished up the crabs left for him.

While YK went off to wash his hands, I asked Lia-Lia if this is the SOP between the 2 of them.  Not like, you know, he did it because it looks good on him and things are different at home.  Some men are like that.

"Oh yes, this is how we work," was her reply.

How sweet!

Throughout handling the fussy + fidgety God Daughter (no temper was thrown though, which is already Ah Mi Toh Hood!), both of them were patient and willing play with her while sacrificing the pipping hot + delicious crabs.

And both of them are working adults with all the usual worklife stress.

How admirable to see their patience in parenthood and marriage life.  There isn't alot of such around these days, you know.

1 would try to have their own share of the meal while leaving the child rearing to the woman or the man.  Well, most of the times the woman.  It was as if the child came out of nowhere by the woman.

The dynamics between Lia-Lia and YK was very sweet.  And I must say that Lia-Lia is smart at handling her husband too.

1 of she said was, "Always make it as if he's the one making all the decisions, while it was me from behind."

WOAH.  *thundering applause*

So many women want to wear the pants + the skirt at the same time, then yell for equal rights + feminism and all.  Lia-Lia is 1 of those very rare wise woman.

But we cannot discredit YK too.  He's smart to ask Lia-Lia of her views for many things.  In fact, Lia-Lia said that he always leaves the major decisions to her.

Though we can see YK's intelligence in many ways too, 1 of it was the choice of housing estate when they're going to build their marriage house.

I think the most important thing in a relationship is assuming your rightful roles + don't be greedy to want everything + understand your own flaws + be prepared to forgive and forget.

In this era of climbing divorce rates everywhere, I sincerely wish Lia-Lia + YK all the best in their marriage, and that God Daughter be a good girl.


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