Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back In The Time Tunnel

In a few hours time, I'll be making my way to the airport for Hong Kong.  This will be the 3rd visit in my lifetime so far.

In the 1st one 7 years ago, it was a trip to visit my friend and her young son + to mark a new career incarnation as a corporate salesperson.  That trip was a vacation before my new career life starts.

I've been a retail salesperson all my life and never thought I'd be able to progress and it happened by the sheer twist of kismet's path.

The visit to my friend didn't work out well.  She lamented of her poor life with her ex-husband and how the current boyfriend treated her till 3am before we can sleep for the 3 days staying with her.  Her little boy was the cutest + most obedient one around and he suffered alot with my emotionally unstable friend.

By the 3rd day, I was emotionally and physically drained, threw the towel, and made an excuse to move out of her house into Mount Davis Youth Hostel.  As if by intuition, the little boy stuck by me in the last day and whined to be with me.  When he saw me leave with my luggage, he cried buckets.

My heart was wrenched.

Nevertheless, I tried to make the best of it, made friends with fellow Asians in the youth hostel's female dorm and we travelled + eat around as if we were old friends.  We broke contact some months after as we don't have common life topics to talk over in MSN.

But the 1st trip to HK left me very poor impression of the natives that I don't feel like going back again.  They were mostly cold, materialistic (service staff), aloof, proud and loud.

The 2nd trip the year before was for a convention but I fell really ill upon touchground that I was pretty much grounded in my hotel room, save for the difficult trip in that nasty cold to the convention because that was what I went for.

But that trip changed my impression of the natives.

The people running the eateries near my hotel were kind and soft-spoken, they sympathised with my nasty cold (I looked really awful) and gave me more than what I ordered.  Most of them wished me fast recovery even.

Eventhough there were still cold and aloof ones, that trip reversed my impression of their humility and humanity.

Then this trip.

This trip came in anticipation of the work load that may start from mid-May.  The actual running should come in July but things may still change.

A person's life can be changed in 5 minutes, even more so for a business plan that will take place in 2 months.

But it didn't deter me for this vacation.  Because if it didn't work out eventually, I'm going back to the corporate world by job.

Nothing exactly significant changed my mind for my current business.  I'll still be keeping it while holding a job or running a 2nd business.

I feel I've done enough for the past 3 years and I should continue my learning in another way, by going into rat race.

It is not easy and will not be easy going back into the rat race again.  I'm fully aware of all the implications but I want to go into it.

As I look back, I find the uncanny coincidence that any change in my working life will have to do with a trip to HK.

Initially, I'd wanted Taiwan, but I've promised Bee to go together.  And then, Taiwan's airfare is more expensive.  And that Taiwan is too huge for me to do any touring justice in 4 days, even giving Taipei 4 days would be too short too.

My ideal vacation is to be alone, just alone and nothing but being alone. 

I don't want to talk, I want to go wherever my gut tells me to and eat in any eatery that my gut instructed too.  I like everything to work by my own clockwork without any obligation to anyone.

Travelling besides yourself have a certain level of obligation to fulfill, no matter how nice + easy-going the other party is, there is an obligation to be considerate for the other party.  This is ethics and morally right to be so.

And I'm glad that I'm firm friends with loneliness to savour this luxury little enjoyed by most people.

So, here I am, going to HK again.  For this 3rd time + new adventures await there tomorrow.

And we shall see how my career turns thereafter.  Ha.


auntielucia said...

Hi Fry: HK is a wonderful place. Make sure u buy yr Octopus card at the airport.

And make a bee-line for Stanley n its vicinity.

Good luck. I heart HK!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

yup, got the card, thanks! =D

didn't go Stanley this time though i've been there 7 years ago. hehehe...