Saturday, March 17, 2012

You Must Have Owed Me In Your Previous Life, My Dear Bee

Indeed.  For I've no other logical reasoning to explain why we are of what we are now.

Our relationship so far has been blissful.

Similar food preference.
Similar ambiance preference. (quiet)
Similar outlook to life.
No emo scene so far.
Discussions for every of our datings etc.

But I got more.  Bee has been highly accommodating to my wants and needs, like how I need alot of space for myself = would disappear for the day, alone (of course), by the malls or the bookshop.

Like how I need to practise for my path, that sometimes, some couplehood stuff has to give way.

Like if I'm in the poor mood to explain and/or if I can't hear Bee's soft voice because the speaking direction isn't towards me, my frustration = angrier voice would rise and Bee hasn't notice enough to scold me for being rude/uncaring.

Or maybe Bee hasn't got enough to be sick of me?  Hahaha.

I cannot be thankful enough of having Bee in my life, it's a great comfort to have this angel around.

The only time I'm near to scolding Bee is as the story below.

A tumor is found within Bee.
Tests are ordered = we waited for the results.
I told Bee to dig out all the insurance policies.
In case, you know.
Nothing was done and right to the day before to pick up the report, it was found that the rider to the co-insurance wasn't bought.

Not that any purchase before the report would help, it cannot be claimed anyway, but to have everything looked into is better than a last minute rush if the results came out negative.  Imagine having to look for your insurance policies while the mind is in shambles of being a possible cancer patient.

Eventually, all the cancer markers came out normal = positive, and I did a "Didn't I say?" much later to Bee for being nonchalant at small things that may be very important should anything bad come.

Still, there wasn't any quarrel, no raised voices + Bee apologised for being careless with insurance.  I explained my stance that I hardly want anything out of anyone = if I do, it'd be very important = you must listen to me.

Bee is getting the co-insurance rider covered this weekend.

Looking back, things would have blown out of proportion even with a positive test results.  You know, those "I told you so!  Why didn't you listen to me?" "Who'd knew about it!" stuff.  Our whole process was nothing short of cordial and peaceful.

When Bee said, "We should go celebrate for the results," I held my lips from, "If it wasn't, would you think insurance is important enough?" and said, "Yup, we should!" with genuine smiles.

I've learnt to let go at times like these so the mood isn't spoilt.  This, I learnt from my folks from their 35 years of quarrels.  We need to find the right timings to do things, doesn't matter if it came out of goodwill 'cos it'd still come out wrong.

Then I said, "I'd ask if you've bought the co-insurance rider everyday till you got it," after the joy has somewhat wore off.  Bee gave a coy laugh and promised it'd be done.

Again, things can turn ugly if Bee has a more stubborn + silly personality.

And then, our impending short getaway to Malacca next weekend. 

I'd mused aloud that I'll be busy with work prior + I may just sleep the day away on the 1st day of arrival in the hotel.

Instead of pouting + kick up a fuss, dearie Bee agreed and added, "I'm ok if you need another day of rest in the hotel too," to which I laughed and said if things really got that bad, 1 day of rest would be good enough.

As of now, work has stopped by next Wednesday = if nothing more comes, I'll be able to rest enough for sightseeings in Malacca.  Uncannily, we've not been to Malacca in our lives yet.

Well, save for that few hours of look-see some 10 years ago for a self-awareness course, I don't consider myself having travelled Malacca yet.  Hahaha.

Bee's personality is really rare to be found around, someone who's so considerate over another one and yet doesn't get proud of it.  In fact, Bee doesn't think it's anything out of the norm in the behaviour that makes everything so precious.

Mike said I'm big lucky piece of poo.  Bee's much older than me yet puts me first in many things.  Many such couple dynamics are exactly the opposite, he said.

I know, bro, I know.  This is why Bee is irreplaceable in my heart, dude.  I don't think anyone else would ever come near to such level of wholesome goodness.

Though I don't understand why Bee wouldn't peel prawns for me, I'm ok to do it for you, my dear.

And Bee wouldn't say why.  Well, not that I mind.  Hahahahaha.....

P/S:  Bee reads my blog daily.  =P


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