Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Fry-Bee Malacca Trip

Warning No. 1 = When peeper say the place is hot, you must believe.

And this was what I didn't do and got sunburnt with just a half hour walk under the sun, from our hotel to Jonker Walk mid-day.  I'd a cap on my head = my face was spared, but still, it's peeling away as we speak.

Now this entry has no food pictures but real time account of our experience with the hotel (Holiday Inn) and eating there.

Holiday Inn Hotel

Don't trust their website of having a bathtub in the Deluxe room, there wasn't any.  It was disappointing but the sea view was good, though the 4 days there was rather gloomy = no apparent cloud + blue sky.

It only happened on the 4th day = our last day in Malacca.  Well, better than nothing throughout, no?

The breakfast spread was good for the price, my love went to the bamboo charcoal bread that many diners went for them too.  And there was a spread of tea selection that went beyond the usual breakfast kind = Rooibus tea with Vanilla, Peppermint, Earl Grey, Chamomile.

Bee + I enjoyed the Rooibus one most.

Coffee drinkers, there's an espresso machine that you can drink to your heart's content.

Holiday Inn = In-room dining

Because we're far from Jonker + only 2 malls nearby of fast food + Nandos, Bee + I opted for in-room dining for 2 nights.  Their satay was good though expensive by roadside fare, chunky + well-marinted.

Their pasta was passable as it wasn't al dente anymore when it arrived.

The one that knocked our socks off was the Margarita Pizza, thin + big + well-sauced + ample cheese + yummy, it was only RM$18.50.  You can't get that price in S'pore.  Hahahahahahaha......

Other food we had

Makko Nyonya food = Bah, not nice + expensive.

Nancy's Kitchen = Cheaper than Makko + more yummy.  Even their simple white rice was done better than Makko, which was grainy.

Jonker 88 chendol = Quite awesome.  The gula melaka was rich + ample coconut milk.

Jonker 88 Nyonya laksa = Better than what we have in S'pore, but I won't write home about it.

I was looking at the street's chai-tow-kway on the tricycle with loads of intent but Bee + I were too full for it.  We were also full from the crazily hot weather = killed appetite.


We had abit of Christchurch and that was about it, the weather was too hot to explore open spaces + beach activities.  We spent more time in the hotel room watching TV + napping away, otherwise hide into the malls for the aircon.


wai ching said...

did you eat all the other food that was recommended?

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hehehe....wat u don't see up there = we didn't eat. =P

it was so hot tat we don't wanna eat too spicy stuff. chicken rice stalls were choked full of people on the Saturday we went.

but i passed your gai-siao to a fwen. hope she will finish the mission! =D