Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, S'pore

For giving me a bilingual education that I can converse so easily in most countries.
For giving me a safe identity as a woman walking on the streets at 12am.
For giving me police that is respectable, though I hope they're more efficient......
For giving me quality diverse cuisine from all over the world.
For I can find food not native here.
For giving me a currency that I can snigger in joy when buying online.
For telling the M'sians in pride that it's their loss for losing LKY + us.
For the multi-racial hotpot that I can enjoy great food of our people. --> sorry, it's about food again. =P
For giving me that 3 love relationships that are great lessons about learning myself.
For giving my old man his job + giving me 2 great siblings + support us all, despite what he is.
Oh, and you too mom, despite your culinary skills and non-adventures.

But don't get too dirty with politics with us, politics is for the wrong people + people against us.  It's not for against ourselves.  I do wonder if the new MRT trains to be delivered in 2014 - 2015 is to pace them in time for the next election.......

And if the public transport companies are earning so well, increasing our fares is bullying us, ok?  It's meant to serve the public and we're not telling you all to run a loss, we just want you to be fair.

Worker's Party, please find the right and enough people and get strong enough.  If you were in my constituency, I'd have voted for you.  I can't trust SDP enough to vote for them = I voted for PAP.

But if you say you're gonna touch our reserves + increase absurd spendings on arts, then imma not gonna vote for you too.  我不会投给一个败家子。

No country is ever rich enough.  Any human being can be, though.

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