Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dear KK, Pwease Inform J Of The Following Good Of Medjool Dates, So She Allow You Eat *WIDE GRIN*

Jin awesome stuff, jin hoh-jiah.  Abit of their facts.......

  1. 66 calorie thereabouts only
  2. High in fibre
  3. High in minerals
  4. Anti-cancer properties
  5. Sweet (low in calories despite it all)
  6. Great for ladies, great for dudes
I get a bag for you 2, 你们 go 你一个我一个 and eat lah.  Drink loads of water for it orh.  A bit heaty.  Otherwise, exercise it off.  You 2 are a couple, loads of activities to burn energy off 的 lah.  Hehehehehe........

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