Saturday, February 5, 2011

No One Knows How Love Comes About

When it comes to me + Ah Lian Ben, the new kitteh of the Jelly Household. Playing with Ben Ben has always been a pretty rough affair, but I fink he likes me enough for the fun = he always purrs deeply when I swing by to visit. Then again, I always get a present from him too = 1 or 2 claw scratch that would last a week. I fink we'd even out. Hehehehe.......

Oh oh, below are some examples of how bad I was with him.

He play-bites = I kok his head/slap his mouth.
I hold him high above my head with 1 hand + he starts to look around curiously + starts to mew pitifully.
Packs him in plastic bag, or most recently, the tangerine box and carry him around while he struggles to get out.
Rock him to and fro in said box, not gently, but devilishly. --> Ah Jelly mused worriedly, "Ai yoh, what if he giddy then faint?"
When he starts his string of biting, I let loose my arms and let him plops to the ground.
The usual non-violence cat play = the string + my sling-bag.
Rattles all of his teeth by the end of the stick as he tries to bite it.
He comes to sniff my toes and attempted a bite = kicks him half-gently.
Hold him tight against my chest till he can't struggle out.
Squeeze + rubs his beautiful, pinky paw pads. --> which he'd object with pitiful mews, then claws out LOL
Gnaws on my shoelaces = I scoop him up in 1 hand and threw him away where he landed on his paws.

I fink he loves how I throw him away, for he would rush over after the landing just to gnaw at my shoelaces again = another throw-away from me. Till Ah Jelly gotta hold him up to let me tie up in peace to leave. This dude is abit of the SM deh! But it's ok, he has someone who would lovingly dish out what he wants. Muahaha. Muahahahaha. MUAHAHAHAHA. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *WIDE GRIN*

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