Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Wish-List For The Government Budget This Year (And On-Forth)

Increase the salary of our school teachers. Kids are not easy to teach + lots of parents are monsters to handle + S'pore future depends on them to educate the younglings.

Increase the salary of our public hospital doctors. They heal us.

You can don't give me any money, and neither anyone in my family would need it. Alot of OK people out there have no need for that few hundred dollars also. And we don't need more swanky bridges, shelters or new pavements to replace good working ones, they just make people more lazy to walk or bring brollies = more health issues in future.

Give it to the teachers and public doctors, their pay are really miserable. I feel for my bro who's on-call in the hospital fighting to save people's lives and earns far less than $8K a month, all the money in the education and hours put in in the hospital is like.......a stab in his back for what he does.

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