Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's The Beer At The End Of A Hard Day's Work, I Assure You

Holland V
Meet Teh-C and Ah Jelly
Dinner liao then larr kopi

3 girls
3 mouths
Chio hee-hee

Kuah simi
If you want then lai fwenly
Bring a stool come
Order more kopi

Or you want
Lim teh-C
Also can call 1 dio-hee
What you like
So easy

May go see
Some new things
For the growing Ah Benny
His claws are all so scary
Then the cage must gao steady!

Poon pi pi
All us 3
Fwenly lai jin-gao steady
Dinner liao then larr kopi
Happy until chio hee-hee!

*BURP* Ok, I gotta go sleep liao. Bai bai. *WIDE GRIN*


Blur Ting said...

Hey, I sent you an email cos I lost your phone number. Can you check?

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

got it, my fwen! will revert a while later. fanks! =)))