Thursday, February 10, 2011

As I Peel My Bloodied Eyes Open To Write This Entry.......

My Adwords is running as we speak.

I've spent the last 4 days scouring through the great wide world of the internet + Adwords Help trying to understand this big giant called Adwords. Much as I'm amazed at their ability to give low-cost advertising, the way into thinking like their system is not unlike a walk through a big set of labyrinth. It's a highly intelligent system, and with anything highly intelligent (which I may add, less then 10% of the world population can be considered highly intelligent), it's also a complicated being.

And I've wasted $150 paying for the errors of my settings + ridiculously high CPC. But I'm cool about it, I take it as part and parcel to understand this huge giant + the unwillingness to hire a SEO company (partly because I'm stubborn about my business, I don't think most people out there understand my vocation) to do the job for me. So I deserve it. Hahahahahaha.........

With that, may I put down the following findings of Adwords after spending 15 hours a day churning reports + plouging through forums and Help Centre + getting lost before finding my way around.

  1. Automatic bids work little = you need to do your homework.
  2. Automatic settings also work little = you still need to do your homework.
  3. If your business is local, target local geographic settings = pointless for US clickers to get interested in your services when they won't fly down for you.
  4. Adwords reports are your friends, please churn it and study carefully.
  5. Yes, you can pay $0.50 for that $1.30 expensive keyword.
  6. For point 5, please refer to point 1.
  7. Ads scheduling is very useful + important = saves money + energy = milk it.
  8. Ads rotation is good, if you know how to craft your ad copy really well.
  9. If not, don't attempt a few ads + rotate them = you're wasting your Quality Score + ad place ranking.
  10. Exact match keywords are better than broad match for my industry.
  11. Never be tempted to increase your budget when you see high impressions + good amount of clicks if your campaign is to last 1.5 months = bullets are sacred.
  12. Adwords keyword tool + suggestions are really useful stuff, please trust their wisdom + intelligence and use it, please.
  13. Don't try to act smart and use keywords at the fringe of your business (yoga for Fengshui business), Adwords won't allow your ad to appear in those pages + lowering your Quality Score.
  14. Make use of that manual Preferred Position also, they serve their purposes by reducing your costs + gives you ad place.
  15. Meaning, don't be greedy and aim for top position, aim for 3rd and below, the maths of Adwords can calculate the best placing + cost for you + competitors.
  16. Meaning, you can still get 2nd or top placings if you know your simple maths + Adwords game well.
  17. Because my website is very wordy = turn off mobile devices in your Settings = hardly anyone wants to read a few hundred words of writing on their iPhone etc.
  18. The free StatCounter is great to track your website for up to 500 entries, better than Blogger Stats.
  19. For everything else, do these = really understand your own business and competitors + think in the shoes of the consumers when you do your ad copy + work within your budget + spend solid time navigating and understanding Adwords + please put in abit of effort if you wanna save costs of hiring a SEO company = nothing in the world is free = I spent time if I wanna save money.
  20. Thank God for right friends, in my case, I've Ben. --> no, not the cat, Ah Jelly

Ben gave me some insights of what and how Adwords is when I smsed him for help and he chivalrously let me call him to have a good 30-minute chat of some very Ah Fry Questions. He runs a events + marketing company with a good personal history with online marketing spanning Europe, China, S'pore. He's so kind not to charge for the advise spooned out but our breakfast meeting next Monday will be on me, dude!

Wanna Fullerton?

In all honesty, I've yet to generate business with Adwords (it's only the 5th day) but I've got the awareness I want with a 5-figure sum of impressions daily and some clicks. All my ad copy are real stuff without a hint of bull = no inflated figures + promises (yes, I've audited > 90,000 of homes + offices, and yes, one can learn abit of Fengshui from me with the I-Ching course) so I now depend on the good hands of God to send business in.

I hope I've managed to befriend this giant called Adwords by the end of the 40-day online campaign. If any of you have any other thoughts that you think is helpful for me, come, lets care and share! The next bowl of prawn mee/char kway teow is on me also! And got drinks lah, teh or kopi? (no, I'm not included in the drinks list LMAO) *WIDE GRIN*


My SINFONIA said...

I used Ad words sometime ago...can be quite costly but I never spent much on it. Then i switched to much more cost effective and you get a loyal following. Is your business on facebook?

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

oh, i've a personal account but didn't set up a page, its more for interaction with frds + clients. now u got me thinking! thanks! *HUGS*

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

btw, u did CPC or CPM in facebook? how much did u pay per CPC/CPM last time?

My SINFONIA said...

actually I did not buy any advertising at all...don't know why I said cost effective ha! Last time on Adwords, I was very ngiao and set a budget for 50cents per click...hahah.. not many clicks as a result..:) Not sure I was targeting the right market anyway

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hahaha okie